Emerging Chinese Imperialism

Few days back, we all saw some sort of hustle and bustle regarding boycotting China. Here is a question: why is it important to boycott China? Firstly, it is important to understand the root cause of how Chinese Communist Party wants to dominate the world in political, economic and geographical order by playing different tactics.

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Facts Behind India-China Border Dispute

We have been hearing this for a long time that the dispute on the India-China Border is similar to that on the Indo-Pak Border. This issue always adorns the headlines temporarily and then fades away. But this time it didn’t happen rather the Working Mechanism for Consultation and Coordination (WMCC), comprising senior officials of the Ministry of External Affairs (MFA), established in 2012 and which normally meets just twice a year, is meeting for the second time in two weeks, an indicator of the seriousness of the LAC situation.

It is a critical issue which has not been discussed much on TV news channels because it probably raises uncomfortable questions like:

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Paralyzed Marriage Institution in Punjabi Culture

Doing marriage in Punjabi society has become one of the toughest tasks. It is due to some rites, which, according to people, are the compulsory elements that must be a part of a marriage. In actuality, all these activities are the wastage of money as well as of time. These activities may include a huge list of different Rasoomat (rituals).

The most common ritual, which is seen in South Asia, is giving Jahez (dowry) to a daughter. It may include the furniture of the whole house or at least of the groom’s bedroom. It also includes crockery, bed sheets and electronic appliances etc. Half of the wedding budget is spent on this. Giving an affordable amount to the bride is nothing bad rather it’s the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) but people nowadays spent lavishly on dowry just to follow the folkways of society.

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