What is the significance of “Carbon Trading” in addressing global climate change?

China launched its national carbon trading market on July 16 after years of preparations. Its initial phase includes over 2,000 power companies that collectively constitute approximately 6 percent of global emissions, or a little more than a fifth of China’s entire emissions, which stand at an estimated 27 percent of the world’s total. It’ll eventually scale to include other industries with time, thus increasing the percentage of China’s emissions that will be regulated through this structure. As of its launch, it’s already the world’s largest carbon trading market. The first deal was sealed at 52.78 yuan ($8.16) per ton, with total 160,000 tons of emissions worth 7.9 million yuan traded. Data

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CPC ,100 Years of Commitment, Persistence and Courage

Over the past century, the Communist Party of China (CPC) has transformed the once shattered and impoverished country into the world’s second-largest economy. The CPC has led China to achieve miracles of rapid economic growth, end of Poverty, and long-term social stability, which has had profound global implications. The Party, which believes that China does not need the model of democracy found in the West, has established a democracy that suits the country itself. Although political parties vary in their political stances, goals, and visions, the

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What’re China’s Steps In Developing Core Module “Tianhe”, And What Is Life In It Like?

Shenzhou-6 Mission, More than 40 kinds of food items were provided along with freeze-dried ice cream after every meal. In Shenzhou-7 Mission, more than 80 kinds of foods were included.

In Shenzhou-9 Mission, astronauts were offered three different meals a day. For Shenzhou-10 Mission, fresh fruits, yogurt, zongzi along other space foods were included. In Shenzhou-11 Mission, the astronauts tried to grow lettuce in space and for Shenzhou-12 Mission, More than 120 kinds of customized space food items are provided according to the preference of astronauts. For the very first time, this mission is equipped with a spacious kitchen including a microwave oven, refrigerator, and water dispenser.

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