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Pakistani Journalist Arshad Sharif Mistakenly Shot Dead by Police at Roadblock – Kenyan Newspaper

Kenyan newspaper Star has filed the following news about killing of Pakistani journalist Arshad Sharif: A senior Pakistani journalist was shot dead Sunday night along...

Facebook Users are Loosing Followers: Is it a Bug or a Purge?

On Monday and Tuesday, the sudden drops in Facebook follower counts of several of the USA's largest media outlets led to rumours that the...

People’s Tribunal for murdered journalists convicts the states of Mexico, Sri Lanka and Syria

 The Hague, 20 September 2022 – The independent Panel of Judges pronounced its judgment yesterday at the Nieuwe Kerk, the Hague. The panel of...


Bemoaning Sargodha and the parable of Lazar

The socio-cultural environs of Sargodha region has changed drastically from the jungle-like habitat between the Chenab and Jhelum rivers when it was founded in...

Birth, Death and Taxes: Three certainties of life

Foreign sector, private sector and government fiscal balance make up the three major sectorial balances of a state. Budget balance is total government tax...

Role of Culturally Competent Social Worker in a School Setting

The day after parent-teacher conferences, a second grade teacher wondered about the father of a student, “Why did he address me as ‘teacher’? What...

Static Shock


Film Review: Everything Everywhere All At Once

To unpack the plot of ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ would require unraveling the story. This wildly original and thought-provoking genre-bending film is hysterically original, outrageously unpredictable, and profoundly intriguing.

Aliza Accuses Feroze Khan Of Physical And Psychological Abuse, Feroze Responds

Feroze Khan has reportedly confirmed that he and his wife, Syeda Aliza Sultan, have separated. After months of speculation and rumours, the actor confirmed...

Review: Middle Class Love – Hindi Film

'Middle-Class Love' is not an emotionally charged film, but it does have some humour and relatable situations that any middle-class person or youth can...


Microbes Can Form ‘Superorganisms’ That Crawl Across Our Teeth

Dental researcher Zhi Ren noticed two distinct types of microbes when investigating the cause of aggressive tooth decay in toddlers. The researchers investigated how these bacterial-fungal clusters in human saliva might work together in the mouth to cause tooth-rotting disease.

Viagra, A Popular Erectile Dysfunction Treatment is Being Used to Treat Lung Disease

You may be surprised to learn that the medication sildenafil – better known by its brand name Viagra – has other medical purposes aside from treating male erectile dysfunction. It can also be used to treat lung diseases that often have poor prognoses.

Is There a ‘Right’ Way to Sleep?

After 50 years of research, eminent Stanford University sleep researcher William Dement reportedly said the only solid explanation he knows for why we sleep...

Science and Technology

Facebook Users are Loosing Followers: Is it a Bug or a Purge?

On Monday and Tuesday, the sudden drops in Facebook follower counts of several of the USA's largest media outlets led to rumours that the...

Genetically Engineered Bacteria Make Living Materials For Self-Repairing Walls And Cleaning Up Pollution

  With just an incubator and some broth, researchers can grow reusable filters made of bacteria to clean up polluted water, detect chemicals in the...

Apple is Trying to Fix The iPhone 14 Pro’s Camera Issue

Apple unveiled the latest generation of iPhones, Apple Watches, and AirPods Pro 2 at a recent event. Several new bugs related to the iPhone...

Business and Economy

IMF has agreed to ease programme conditions informally: Miftah

Finance Minister Miftah Ismail said on Friday that IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva has agreed with Pakistan’s request to ease the conditions under the...

Pakistan’s Economy To Slow Down To 3.5pc In Financial Year 23: ADB

Due to climate headwinds, Pakistan's economy is forecasted to slow down to 3.5% in Financial Year 23, according to the ADB. According to the Asian...

The Rupee Fell To An All-Time Low Against The Dollar, Trading At 240

The Pakistani rupee Wednesday plummeted to an all-time low of Rs240 against the US dollar in the inter-bank market as high oil prices and...

Short Stories

Bellflower by Guy de Maupassant

A short story by Guy de Maupassant. A narrator gives us a recollection of the life of Mother Bellflower, an old seamstress with a bad leg and a mysterious past.

The Bet by Chekhov

It was a dark autumn night. The old banker was walking up and down his study and remembering how, fifteen years before, he had given a party one autumn evening. There had been many clever men there, and there had been interesting conversations. Among other things they had talked of capital punishment. The majority of the guests, among whom were many journalists and intellectual men, disapproved of the death penalty. They considered that form of punishment out of date, immoral, and unsuitable for Christian States. In the opinion of some of them the death penalty ought to be replaced everywhere by imprisonment for life.

An Affair of State by Guy de Maupassant

Paris had just heard of the disaster of Sedan. The Republic was proclaimed. All France was panting from a madness that lasted until the time of the commonwealth. Everybody was playing at soldier from one end of the country to the other. Capmakers became colonels, assuming the duties of generals; revolvers and daggers were displayed on large rotund bodies enveloped in red sashes; common citizens turned warriors, commanding battalions of noisy volunteers and swearing like troopers to emphasize their importance.


The Darling Leader I Love

An article written by Mr. Yasir Pirzada in Urdu for the Daily Jang Newspaper on 20th March 2024; Translated & Modified by Muhammad Faran...

Gender Gap in Pakistani Voter Registration

Pakistan faces a stark gender imbalance in voter registration ahead of the February 8, 2024, general election, with 10 million more men registered than...

Virtual Insanity

virtual delirium can be witnessed in social media trends where every virtual being imitates a particular viral video to maintain their identity in the virtual world. This exercise of virtual existence results in the depletion of rational elements and the wastage of precious time.

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