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Review: Middle Class Love – Hindi Film


‘Middle-Class Love’ is not an emotionally charged film, but it does have some humour and relatable situations that any middle-class person or youth can understand. This coming-of-age tale is enjoyable to watch.

A young boy feels trapped in the middle class and wishes to escape it by going to an elite college and marrying a wealthy girl.

Middle-Class Love is a small-town, middle-class fiction about Yudi Sharma (Prit Kamani), who thinks every middle-class family is beset with a khatarnak bimari known as ‘middle-class obsession,’ in which citizens’ lives and decisions are oriented around paisa bachao and they will never be cool. Yudi Sharma has bigger plans for a rich and content life. For that, he requires his VIP ticket, which he wins by enrolling in an elite university and dating a wealthy and beautiful Sysha Oberoi (Kavya Thapar). Nevertheless, life is not so simple. Yudi got into the college of his desires, yet Sysha is far beyond his means. Will Aisha Tripathi’s (Eisha Singh) presence in their lives produce a love triangle or is there more to it than meets the eye?

Director Ratnaa Sinha, who previously directed Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana (2017), instills all the requisite ingredients for a successful romcom and buddy picture—love, unconditional friendship, and filmy drama—’Middle-Class Love’ keeps you interested. The first half of this drama is breezy and enjoyable, but after the break, it turns into a full-fledged drama when all the heartbreaks and some truths are revealed. There’s little for the audience in this mess of other romances and buddy pictures because it is a mishmash of everything we have already seen.

The film’s popularity is increased by the combination of Mussoorie’s delightful setting with good production design, produced by Anubhav Sinha’s spouse and director of the Hindi film Anek, Ratnaa.

Everyone in the middle class has been spoken to by their parents, who warn them “Always wear a jenti Chadar.” The dialogues in these films are the most interesting and relatable. For example, Yudi’s father (Manoj Pahwa, wonderfully played) says to him, “Always wear a jenti Chadar.” Himesh Reshammiya’s music is quickly forgotten.

Prit Kamani plays the film’s best and funniest comic character, in my opinion. For example, he casually says, ‘There is a chance that Ranveer Singh will be banned from entering India and Kabir Singh will be, because of his alleged links to terrorism,’ just before proposing to Kavya Thapar. Eisha Singh and Kavya Thapar play their roles well. They look natural in every shot, and their acting ability could use some improvement.

‘Middle-Class Love’ is a film that is not heavily emotional but which has some relatable humour and situations that any middle-class person or youth can identify with. It is an engaging coming-of-age story that is fun to watch.

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