Empower Your Girl Child

Every year October 11is observed as International Day of the Girl Child. All the developed nations have accepted the importance of the girl child is imperative for all-round progress, sustainable prosperity, political stability, sound economic growth, and security about the future. How a nation can attain the above-said points by ignoring the importance of the girl child. It is a trivial effort to highlight the importance of girl child in the land of pure.

Gender stereotypes exist in all cultures, conveyed through media messages, television, music, religious and cultural institutions, and even toys. Parents convey expectations of gender role conformity starting in infancy. They hold gender-typed expectations of their sons and daughters in the first 24 hours following birth.

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First She Loved – Pehel Us Nay Ki Thi – Book Review

A true story of pure love, sacred emotions and sacrifice……

This is not merely an autobiography book, indeed, a masterpiece having all esthetic sense of pure literary work like lucrative poems, classical letters and very fine narrative that is furthermore decor with attention-seeking memorable moments. No doubt, all the material is very special, highly appreciable and charming for readers. This book will grip your heart, if not completely at least a part of you will definitely be a little more polite and soft regarding the content of the book.

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