First She Loved – Pehel Us Nay Ki Thi – Book Review

A true story of pure love, sacred emotions and sacrifice……

This is not merely an autobiography book, indeed, a masterpiece having all esthetic sense of pure literary work like lucrative poems, classical letters and very fine narrative that is furthermore decor with attention-seeking memorable moments. No doubt, all the material is very special, highly appreciable and charming for readers. This book will grip your heart, if not completely at least a part of you will definitely be a little more polite and soft regarding the content of the book.

After thoroughly reading the book it is my deduction that the character of Chaudhrani (beloved of the author) is sound and solid. She struggled her every level best to make her lot good but unfortunately, her own blood altogether made a plot to tarnish and shatter her dreams and made the murder of her emotions, love and trust in a brutal way.

The crux of the true story of glory is a sacred bond of emotions, love, mental harmony and desire for future life partners between two persons but all in vain is the ultimate tragedy. The book is not only about love but also the relationship with the sacrifice of heart, soul, emotions and everything. Each sensible and sensitive reader has great respect and regards for Chaudhrani.

This book has many social and moral lessons that a few words cannot do full justice. Highly appreciable and attention sticking points in the book are many and top one priorities is the vital empowerment of woman, need of the hours and sigh of relief for the opposite gender. The willingness of a girl from her heart, soul and mind is imperative for marriage otherwise the result would be unhappily married with a bitter result of mess bounded future besides seeing of sorrows broken heart with the frustrated mind and endless regret.

A letter of Chaudhrani to her father is a climax of a literary piece of work and a kindle of hope but all in vain. The plus point is how to win the trust of the father. The mother of Chaudhrani has played a double game with the writer and her own daughter. She makes a noxious plan with the help of her female home servant for gaining the bad attentions of the destruction of her daughter’s dream and gave irreparable damage to the writer and her daughter. I am astonished !how a mother has played the role of a cruel, rash and tyrant mother rather than a mother of kindness and full of favors for her daughter.

A total fallacious mother……. At one hand the father of Chaudhrani hence proved coward in front of false custom and on the other hand became autocrat and murderer of the pure feelings and sacred emotions of her daughter. Decisions in time are the sign of wisdom and fruits of such decisions are always success and prosperity bound. The autocrat father of Chaudhrani feared from the fictive custom and took a total wrong decision.

After many years, he realized that he committed an open blunder and totally damaged the life of his daughter only due to his wrong decision. The result was regret and endless regret till death. This autobiography has a lesson for the young generation to respect and observe the sanctity of relation. If someone is succeeded in gaining a beloved one then that lucky on enjoying the pleasure of life.

Contrary to it, if someone is not succeeded then don’t lose heart put positive energy in education, art, literature, sports and create a name with fame and popularity, accept the truth with an open heart and double enjoy the life. A small positive change in our response towards the depressed and suppressed talented sect of society can cause a positive life turning events like the story of Noor Khan. How the writer made a minor character to a noble person only by his kindness and respect for all without any discrimination of sect, caste and creed.

Although the main character is Chaudhrani yet the role of respected Rani (wife of the author) is very praiseworthy, totally positive and thoroughly supportive with the author of the book. Highly respected Rani has enhanced the vision, wisdom and creative work of the author by her cooperation, coordination and association without any discrimination in the ups and downs of life.

In concluding remarks the Chaudhrani was a beloved one in far past and noble Rani is a sole beloved wife for good. The narrative of the book flows smoothly, holding the readers in rapt attention. Indeed the book she loved first is an extraordinarily versatile and a complete package of autobiography, short story, novel, pieces of poetry and self-explanatory powers. The writer of this book respected Jabbar Mirza is a famous story writer, poet, editor, dramatist, critic, columnists, researcher, historian, moreover, writer of almost twenty-two books up-to-date. Dr.A.Q.Khan is a great fan and friend of the author’s creative work.

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