President Trump Will Win the Elections

US elections 2020 are a very interesting episode of world politics. They always have been interesting for everyone on the face of the earth due to the American hegemony of world politics and resources. The Presidential Elections are an ordeal for the candidates but not for the voters and supporters. They are not simply elections in which the voters cast their votes and one of the candidates wins. These are in fact a psychological war and a very mysterious phenomenon. These resemble the cold war which was fought not on the ground but on the papers and media. The same is the case with these elections.

The media wins the American Elections. The expert media managers are employed to propagate a specific personality of a candidate. The people are guided or misguided by the media managers on different issues and different situations. Donald Trump and Joe Biden are two leading candidates in this election. The pre-election polls and all other reports related to American Election are showing that Joe Biden is very ahead of Trump. But all these are mere moonshine.

Donald Trump will win the election in the end. It is based on my personal intuition as well as the psychological taboos behind the campaign. The two parties there in the arena are trying their best to get the support of the unseen forces that play an important role in the elections all over the world. These forces may be secret services, agencies, media, or lobbies.

Mr Donald Trump is a staunch believer in the Jewish supremacy in the Middle East. He has achieved the milestones in US Middle East policies in favor of Jews. So Jews are all behind him and their support in cash and kind would make the difference. Then the black American issue which was created knowingly for election purpose to show Trump’s tilt toward white Americans would benefit him.

And above all his outspoken nature or his straightforwardness is a plus for his election. Americans are not going to hand over their topmost post to a person who is far behind Trump. It is said that Trump do more and think less and this is the main demand of the actor on the world stage. They need a person who would just speak what they would tell him. The unseen forces are satisfied with his efficiency in obeying them so they would try their best to bring him again as the President of the USA.

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