In our student days, our teachers used to advise us to read newspapers. It burns ideas and broadens thinking, but now we forbid our children from reading newspapers and watching the news channel. They should not go near such propaganda machines at all. It will poison their minds and souls and will eliminate patriotism from their hearts and minds.

The reason for this is said to be that every newspaper of today is biased. Each channel is working underhand for somebody else instead of people. The morality that was in the news is completely gone. Now it is the turn of the so-called journalists to infiltrate and be part of internal and external conspiracies. Take the name of any Pakistani channel in front of any Pakistani citizen and he will tell you at once that this newspaper and its channel is partial to that person or organisation. There is no such thing as neutrality. Leaving aside the neutrality, now our channels are also accusing each other of being foreign agents. One channel says that its rival channel works for such and such a country.

Where will this behaviour lead to our new generation? Whom will they work for? Only and only individualism and personality worship are being promoted. No principle, no ideology, and no morality or ethnicity are seen anywhere. Even the owner of the channel is involved in international fraud and the so-called journalists of this channel are giving false and deceptive news that protests are going on across the country for this notorious person.

Some anchors appear on the screen in the evening and lie about all the events of the day. They are bribed to misinform the public. For such false reporting, many anchors have been banned only for a few months. One anchor even faced a three-month ban for lying. However, after three months, the same person was on the screen and was faithfully preaching about his patron. This modest punishment has given such false anchors the courage to tell a lie that no matter how many lies they tell, they will be banned for three months only.

The authorities are not helpless but are conniving at the situation to get the undue advantage of the situation. If lies are told in favour of the government, they are appreciated and the truth about the opposition is ignored or is given false colouring. Sometimes a person wants to do something about such evil mongers but that action is challenged in court and lies continue.

The market for disrespect in the name of freedom of expression is hot. Those who were to teach morality to the nation have lost their morals. All the courts, rulers and the opposition are requested to save the future of the country and put an end to these futile channels. The government should strictly make newspapers and channels to observe the code of ethics. The first thing is that no channel should lie and the second thing should be completely neutral. He should not show friendship or enmity with any party. Those anchors who support only one party should be banned and finally yet importantly, slander and vulgar language should not be promoted. Become an anchor-person. Do not do what the other person tells you to do.