Self-interest and Blindness To Atrocities

President Biden seems to have deviated from the statement of his first press conference that this is the age of struggle between democracy and dictatorship and we have to prove that democracy is as effective today as it was then. If we look at the world situation since President Biden took office, we do not see any such thing in favor of democracy, but the same old way of putting American interests first. All the principles of democracy are discussed and their violation is lamented but on its terms. The United States and the West propagate human rights in China and Russia, saying that human rights are being violated there. They do not see human rights abuses in the West in their own countries. Organized anti-Muslim campaigns and massacres of Muslims in European countries are never seen by these human rights champions. Where they have to protect their interests and prove their greatness, all the rules are stated and their violation is shouted at from all sides.

The United States, which supported Saudi Arabia’s attacks on Yemen under Trump, is now calling the attacks a human rights violation to increase pressure on Saudi Arabia under Biden. Because the United States wants Saudi Arabia to establish relations with Israel, as well as with Arab countries such as Qatar because new alliances are needed.

Whether it is President Trump or any other policy, it is always about protecting one’s interests. Its colors keep changing. Now Trump continues to insist on business deals and deliberately ignores ethics so that opponents may commit some immoral acts that could lead to their blackmailing at any time in the future. How many civilians died in the wars, how many were displaced, or how many journalists were killed or imprisoned is not a matter for the great powers. Their goal is to collect their data and use it when needed.

The presidents and leaders of these great powers make eloquent and compelling statements, as George W. Bush said in his second term as president that that “the survival of liberty in our land increasingly depends on the success of liberty in other lands,” and he played havoc in Iraq.

President Barack Obama set up a board called the Atrocities Prevention Board, but the board never saw the victims of oppression in Syria and South Sudan.

It has become a policy in itself to pursue one’s own policy and turn a blind eye to atrocities to protect one’s own interests. Giving speeches of big principles and ignoring or taking a U-turn from the same principle when one’s own interest comes to the fore has been an important part of the foreign and domestic policy of countries for a long time now.

If we look at the recent Palestinian situation, this policy is revealed, and once again confirmed that the interest of the powerful is in fact its policy and principle. He uses the rest of the biblical principles only to blackmail others.

To Connive with atrocities is still as intense as ever. Whether the bombing of a Yemeni school bus from Saudi Arabia or President Bashar al-Assad’s attack on hospitals or Israel’s attack on unarmed Palestinians destroying their homes, schools, hospitals, and mosques are being connived at. The loss of innocent human lives has been greatly increased due to this policy of self-interest. According to the Armed Conflict and Event Data Project, 37,000 civilians were killed between 2016 and 2020. Some 80 million people were forced to flee their homes. Attacks on hospitals have also increased, and the number of people killed in relief efforts has risen. But the self-interest of the rulers continued for one’s interest and benefit.

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