Youth Activism in Pakistan

The country we are living in is not yet developed and the leaders in fact ‘politicians’ are not to the fullest of their potentials trying to serve the country or to make it go towards the paths of development so it is the need of the hour to bring a change and nobody than a youth is capable of bringing a change!

So here it is the facts about youth activism in Pakistan because it is what a real change is and leads us to what it actually means to bring a change!

The fact stated above is unfortunate and alarming at the same time which most people have sensed but snoozed it! People blame the government for existing problems but actually are the craftsmen of issues themselves. The question is how and what makes them be the designers of their problems?

We live in a democratic country where we are given the right to vote and select a person we feel is right to make Pakistan a ‘Pakistan’ We, out of reasons get trapped in traps set by trappers, blindfold ourselves and vote for the ones with the power of words, not actions and thus mark full stops to Pakistan’s development!

Now the question is what are those reasons that inculcate in a person to vote for the one who they believe is not worth voting and vote them? Lack of food, lack of job opportunities, lack of resources, lack of educational opportunities, lack of economical acceleration, and lack of courage to speak up against the powerful is what leads to lack of voices being raised against the vacant vacancies given but not be filled but to remained in!

In times of adversity, where having a position in a parliament gives you supreme power, where being in police gives you every right to break civil and ethical maintenance and laws without the fear of being penalized and fired, where being a judge gives you every right to injustice without the fear of being questioned, where being poor has become a curse, where having ‘connections’ with the so-called ‘powerful’ gives you the access to every illegal activity without the fear of being caught and punished and where being in ‘politics or so-called government’ gives you the right to propose anything without expecting people to question you is when Youth has been triggered to raise a voice and to speak on behalf of that portion of society who have not been taught to defend themselves or even if they have, does not dare to speak for the rights!


Now, what is youth and how youth activism actually makes an impact has proven to be an influence for many youngsters out there? Youth is an age category where being naïve, being sensibly wild, and being mature co-exists and exists so remarkably beautiful that the actions triggered proved out to be commendable and often unquestionably, undoubtedly acceptably considerable!

Youth has actually taken on its shoulder the responsibility of making an impact by promoting what’s rightfully right and impeding the wrong that has smartly being made right for ‘power interests’.

Youth’s active involvement and keen interests in current scenes have led to activism which is actually the hour of the need! Youth know that it is extremely important to not let the leaders cum politicians make a decision with us having only one option of accepting it and saying yes to yes and no their no!

Youth’s activism has made sure to question possibly everything and more specifically the legislations being proposed while staying in limits of decency and respect!

The main agenda on which youth is serving the nation is that they believe that asking about what’s being offered is not immoral and illegal in any way in fact accepting what does not feel right is however illegal and wrong in all cases! It actually makes oneself the ‘puppet of culprits!

Youth activism has actually showcased and manifested the true definitions of being human and being democratically democratic in times when being human is made equivalent to being sheep.

Being sensibly wild, being courageous, being confident, being empowered, and being truthful to one’s morals, being committed to what’s rightfully right is what makes youth, youth!

‘Raising one’s voice against injustice and wrong doings is not wrong in any book of intellect.’ Believing in this fact and sticking to it is what makes you stand on the first step of the ladder that leads to youth activism.

Youth do not blindly say no to no and yes to yes; they say yes when yes is actually a tick mark and no when crossing yes is best done!

Youth’s activism is about first sensing, then sensing if it’s right or wrong, and then finding all possible ways to mitigate the wrongs in society. This all is termed as active actions or actions of Youth. However, sensing wrong and deciding if it could be mitigated or not or showing reluctance for fear of consequences is not what Youth activism supports and this what makes Youth uniquely different!

The youth activism is the real manifestation of change and helps us to know how to bring a change!

Youth follow instinct and follow until it is proven right!

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