Dancing – a Horrible Incident at Swat

A horrible and devastating incident took place in Swat a few days ago, an incident that indicated a core shaking threat to the fabric of our society, an incident that would leave a disastrous image of our Society on any foreigner watching it. The video of this terrible incident was circulated over social media and the criminals could be seen committing the crime red-handedly. Thankfully an FIR has been lodged on all those filthy criminals and the people who helped them commit this crime. And their crime as mentioned in the FIR was that a large number of boys and girls, dressed in the most Un-Pakistani way, were seen to be, DANCING.

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Joe Biden’s Book, “Promises to Keep” — A Must Read

Sometimes, everything may not be the same as it looks. Even the world’s most powerful men may have many grieves and sorrows. This can be best understood by the story of newly elected US president Joe Biden. At the very start of his political career, he lost his wife and daughter whom he loved the most. This broke him inside. But he had to stand up for America and the rest of the world. Who knew at that time that this inside broken senator would be US president one day?

I have currently finished his book titled “Promises to keep on life and politics”. Starting from his brought up, schooling, and early life career; the writer describes many historical events including Afghan-US and Iraq-US war. The book also describes his struggle from an ordinary lawyer to becoming a senator and then Chairman Judiciary Committee.

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Writing In Times Of Covid-19

Awareness regarding mental health has always been a perpetual spar in a country where psychiatric resources and services are available in a confined manner. In underdeveloped countries such as Pakistan, People do find themselves inefficacious when the time comes to face the stressors like rising inflation and unemployment, erratic gas supplies, load shedding, political uncertainty, infringement of law and order, and most importantly the social stigma and lockdown effects brought about by the second wave of Covid-19.

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Role of Media in Peace-building.

Journalism does not need justification for its existence. Its service to society is justification in itself. Journalism can not only help to distribute information but also counter hate-speech and create an environment of balanced opinions, an information equilibrium.

Journalists have a responsibility to deliver accurate factual information to the people so that they can avoid distress and confusion. The branch of journalism that creates peace and security among the people is called Peace Journalism.

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Dark Abyss of Extremism in Pakistan and Human Rights Concerns

Four people have been sentenced to death by an anti-terrorism court (ATC) on charges of alleged blasphemy. One of them is a religious scholar himself and another is a former professor of a college.

Nobody has raised the question on the jurisdiction of ATC over such matters and no one asked how religious dissent (if any) can be equated with terrorism after this verdict? Supreme court of Pakistan once termed ATC as a parallel legal system, which violated the constitution and constitutional rights of people. CJ Irshad Hasan Khan equated ATC with “justice rushed is justice crushed” in the judgement.

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Pakistani Culture & Government Policies Versus Online Learning

The global pandemic has caused real essences of anxiety among students and caused them to lose interest in actual learning. However, it is not the corona itself but the related policies that proved out to be depression causing and problem triggerers. The continuously rapid changes about the school/university closures and the inability of institutions to make authorized plans regarding SOPS has changed the concept and perspective with which students see studies and education in general.

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Challenges for Sports Development in Pakistani Universities

The Pakistani Nation has the potential to perform in every field of life. But instead of such potential, the outcomes are not satisfactory because of multiple identifiable lacking in policymaking and policy implementation, especially in sports. No doubt, national sports bodies lack capacity and competence but the role of educational institutes like schools, colleges, and universities in the promotion of sports is not satisfactory. A careful comparison of Pakistani universities with foreign universities candidly shows that a lot of improvement is required sports policy of our universities. With candid and concrete policy, universities also need funds to promote sports by providing suitable sports facilities. Sports may be the last in the priority list of university management. It needs serious attention because universities are like nurseries to provide sportsmen to the national bodies. A proper vision, well-defined aims, and elaborated objectives for sports policy is the need of the hour in higher education institutions in the country.

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