The Difference that the Success Of a Transgender’s Case Made

We are living in the era of the 21st century where it is believed that the availability of constitutional and fundamental human rights is common. But still, the minorities in the world are fighting their battle of existence. Transgenders are considered the common enemy of every society.

In Pakistan, a transgender named Faiz Ullah went to the court for justice. She challenged the Punjab Public Service Commission’s eligibility criteria where only females and males were allowed to apply for jobs. Though she won the case whereas the question raised here when the legislation was passed years ago why she needed to sue the Punjab Public Service Commission to entertain her job application.

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Tyrannical Bureaucracy

Since we are chasing the causes of corruption, we always conclude our arguments to politicians only. Someone has to dig down more as there should be some other factors, intentionally not being considered in limelight, but devouring the country from its roots.

We have to analyze the situation more vigilantly as dual nationality is not only the main issue but also the dual standards as practicing in front of us and we are not able to focus on such happenings because our minds fond off what they want to show. Our political system has whopping flaws, but who allowed these flaws to entered into the system. Meticulous view for real causes leads towards the failure of our state machinery, mainly our bureaucracy, provincial and federal institutions.

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Jahangir Khan Tareen, Acceptance in Denial

Yes! He denied that he is not joining any other political party. Yes! He also categorically said that he is not joining PPP, to be exact. He denied all media reports and rumors. But yet, something is cooking in the political kitchen of Pakistan. Ingredients are all set to be added in the cooking pot and the fire is flaming high. Sometimes rumors may come true; propaganda becomes reality, lies change into truth. That’s the same case with Mr. Jahangir Khan Tareen. He denied all media reports to join any other political party. Especially he denied any meeting with Makhdoom Ahmad Mahmood or with any other Political Leader of PPP. Denial accepted, but there is still something fishy and tasty is being cooked in the political kitchen of Pakistan Politics.

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Pakistan’s Agriculture & Climate Disaster

Pakistan being an agrarian economy contributes 18.9 per cent to GDP and absorbs 42.3 per cent of the labour force. As per the census data 2010, 67 per cent of farmers fall in the category of below two hector farm-holding with an average farm size of 2.5 acres. These small and marginalized farmers working in agriculture rely on the food they grow to feed their families, about two-thirds of these people are living in poverty. For well-off farmers in America and Europe, a warmer world will be problematic, but potentially deadly for low-income farmers in Africa and Asia. When small farms fail, whole economies fail, which leads to more poverty, more hunger, and more hardship. That’s why it’s so important that we make agriculture more resilient. Tragically, billions of people around the globe with livelihood dependent on agriculture and who are least responsible for greenhouse gas emissions, just like Pakistan, will suffer the most from climate change.

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Two States- The Story of My Marriage

Two States – The Story of My Marriage by Chetan Bhagat is a novel which was written by his own inspiration from his life, but the novel is a fictional work of his. He is one of the most popular contemporary Indian novelists in Indian English Literature. I started reading this book just because when I came to know that this is the same writer who has written the story of 3-Idiots. Before starting the book, I started watching this (2 States) movie by Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor, thinking of a 3-Idiots movie first. Although in my opinion, it is not as up to the mark as the 3-Idiots was, but still, it wasn’t as boring too. I enjoyed reading this book more than watching this movie because of the very simple and energetic style of writing.

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COVID-19 Pandemic has Slowed the Economic Growth of Pakistan

Two of the biggest South Asian nations —Pakistan and India started their economic journey around the same time after gaining Independence. To my surprise, there was a point in the 1960s when Pakistan’s per capita GDP used to be higher than that of India’s. However, over the years, India has not only surpassed Pakistan’s per capita GDP but has taken a commanding lead on almost every economic forum but Pakistani citizens are forced to confront the harsh reality of extreme poverty.

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