Vaxxie: Vaccination drive and our attitude

As news of the coronavirus sweeps around the world, panic is observed throughout the world. Considerable awareness campaigns have been launched in the developed countries regarding precautionary measures. The public took security measures seriously. But some countries of the world and most of the citizens of these countries were not prepared to accept the “Corona Pandemic” as a reality. Pakistan has almost topped the list of these countries. Now that millions of people have surrendered to this deadly virus and left us alone, many of our close relatives, loved ones, and friends have perished, so we have come to our senses, and have accepted the reality. It was a depressing situation

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Pakistan and China, Iron Brothers and Strategic Partners – Today and Forever

Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan’s special letter to Chinese newspaper Global Times to mark the special occasion of 70 years of diplomatic ties, given the special significance of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

“We emphatically endorse the spirit and philosophy of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Pakistan has always upheld the “One-China Policy” and supported China on Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, and South China Sea issues.”

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Cyber Bullying

“Give me money or else I’ll edit all of your pictures and leak them”. So basically what cyberbullying is, to threaten, embarrass, or target someone through social media, harassing or blackmailing someone online or hacking someone’s account, using their pictures, videos or messages without their consent, which usually affects the psyche of that person and results in negative consequences, academic performances, emotional disturbance, self-isolation, and destruction of self-esteem. Cyberbullying is a crime associated with heavy penalties such as fines and years in prison.

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Media ‘Martial Law’ will Majorly Set Pakistan Back 

The Pakistan government has kicked up a storm over a new plan to rein in the media, particularly freedom of expression in the digital realm, by proposing highly centralized new regulations and expanding its existing coercive censorship regime further.

The plan to create the so-called Pakistan Media Development Authority (PMDA) seeks to repeal existing media related laws, merge current regulatory authorities for print and electronic media plus bring the country’s rapidly expanding digital media under greater ‘control’. The authority will expand the current ban on criticism of the military, judiciary and Islam to now include the president, politicians and clerics. It will also establish a media tribunal that will impose heavy fines and jail terms for violations.

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National Identification Documents: A Way to Empower the Poor of Balochistan

A sizeable population of the rural poor in one of Pakistan’s poorest provinces, Balochistan, does not have formal identification and registration documents which renders them disenfranchised and unable to access their social, financial and political rights. Documents like the national identity card, childbirth registration, marriage registration and voter registration not only authenticate an individual’s identity as a citizen but also help governments execute strategic development plans by making informed decisions and endorsing evidence-based policies. This need becomes even more important as the country faces the uphill task of conducting a nationwide COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

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The Education System in Pakistan

No matter how glorious a nation has its past and how many natural resources it owns at present if it has a defective education system, it perhaps won’t survive as an integrated nation given neoteric warfare techniques. In the modern world, it is, undoubtedly, education that determines the prosperity of a nation as well as its power and position in the international community.

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