Sheep Minds and Puppet Approaches!

I want to become an engineer! I want to be a doctor! I want to be a teacher! I want to be a pilot! I want to be a singer! I want to become an actor! These are not simply the statements that children usually state nor have the real desires in them. However, these are only the reflections of what is in their surroundings and something that is taken too fancy so helplessly bounded by society’s norms and human cliché psyche; children are unable to think out of the box.

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Youth Activism in Pakistan

The country we are living in is not yet developed and the leaders in fact ‘politicians’ are not to the fullest of their potentials trying to serve the country or to make it go towards the paths of development so it is the need of the hour to bring a change and nobody than a youth is capable of bringing a change!

So here it is the facts about youth activism in Pakistan because it is what a real change is and leads us to what it actually means to bring a change!

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