CSS – A Passionatley Driven Aim Or Just A Shortcut To Have Power?

The current situation demands the people who can come forward and take steps to ensure that the concerns of students are being heard and addressed. The hierarchical structure and the executive one-man guided policies are not functioning effectively to bring incredible changes and amendments. However, they are paving ways to create a sense of greed for power.

How many of you have heard students expressing unevaluated desires to do CSS? I am sure the majority of you have heard it most of you have planned to opt for civil services. Have you ever tried to do an in-depth analysis of the reason behind this acceleratingly high paced trend students are up to?

As a student, I can see the depression students are facing due to the unavailability of jobs and career options in Pakistan. We do not have any chance to excel in any field that is already under the influence of ‘elites’; No chance remains to be able to get a job where your merit is celebrated and your skills acknowledged.

I don’t know if it is a dilemma or a mindset people have been tuned to say that we are going to do CSS once we’re done with bachelors. Take an example of a business student, he won’t say that he is going to start a business in hopes to make an impact on society through his entrepreneurial idea or a startup (when the situation needs it: yet not recognized). He would say I’m gonna do CSS, if I managed to pass it, great, if not I’ll repeat it. I mean there is no mental critical thinking to analyze the unfortunate situation that was put into because students are legit sure of not being able to get a decently earning job that would fulfill their desires and longtime needs because of the hollow system we’re part of. Thus, the greed for power that requires no accountability!

We are left with no career options that would enhance our skills and make us civilized citizens highly sensitive to making changes for the betterment of a country because ‘recommendations’ and ‘student solutions’ are not taken seriously by ‘sheep minded executives’ sitting on top positions following ‘old school puppet approaches’.

Why don’t we have any career options even when we’re from a good university or have an excellent academic background? Or if we have, why don’t we make it to a job that justifies our merit and intelligence? Because skills are measured through the mere grades and intelligence is evaluated through an interview that too taken by ‘not knowing ABC of HR, CEO’. Still, people don’t get jobs and this is the reason freelancing, Vlogging, blogging has taken hypes in recent years. None of it is objectionable, it’s perfectly fine if people are loving doing it. The sad part is that people find these jobs a short cut to get financial stability (that too not assured) and ignore the importance of developing mental intelligence through critically analyzing the aspects of these fields and their consequent effect on their ‘artificial facades”

It is the time to ponder over your inner self and desires. It is the time to work on building a smartly guided soul; it is the time to develop critical thinking that filters puppet approaches, and it is the time to form a ‘personality’ that makes a trend, not a blindly guided façade that follows it!

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