Dragging children and families into politics! Disgusting!

We sacrificed and still compromising on hardcore issues just to live in a country we call our home, Pakistan. We have been dealing with all the basic issues of electricity, inflation, corruption and poverty just to be in a country we call our motherland, Pakistan. We have compromised on the opportunities of going out abroad just to be called a ‘PAKISTANI.’ It is our love, devotion and loyalty towards our country that has been made at the cost of thousands of innocent lives. Yet, we sometimes get hurt to have given such a precious piece of land to leaders doing ‘dirty politics.’

Why it is always necessary to label people and perspectives when in ‘politics?’ Why can’t we stop this? Is it because labelling helps in getting away from crime or does it assist in diverting the attention to an issue that isn’t worth addressing? But that brings us to another neglected question; is any issue inferior to not get attention? There’s a dilemma we’re living with for years now. Yet no one is ready to bring a sweeper to sweep the dirt laid off.

Labelling someone for their perspective or judging someone from the religion they have is equally unacceptable and objectionable as blaming someone for the crime they have not committed. It is not fair in any domain of ethics to remark someone with an anti-Semitic comment that too when you’re in prestige and highly recognized position of leadership. Labelling is not okay!

Now some people would object to this piece of writing as a ‘depiction of millennials’ opinion and that every opinion is not worth hearing.’ And if you are doing that, you’re again ‘labelling’ the mindset and putting it in a cage easy to vulnerable controlling. Secondly, why cannot a millennials’ opinion be valued equally and essentially when our so called ”leaders’ can be heard and tolerated besides being ‘wrong,’ ‘biased,’ and ‘hypocrites.’

Now, this would trigger another sect of ‘critics’ that calling someone by these ‘adjectives’ falls into the ‘humble’ category of labelling. Let this millennial clarify that those people have showcased their hypocrisy, dirt and wrongdoings not once, not twice but multiple times on television and digital media. So if someone explicitly reflects the corrupt set of thoughts and that too verbally, we graduate to call them ‘liars’ and ‘morally corrupt.’ We do not call it labelling because that’s not passing remarks based on anti-Semitism, that’s a raw analysis of the raw statements and actions broadcasted. Because labelling is not okay!

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