Non Implementation of Laws! Hollow Frameworks!

Pakistan has encountered an expanded growth in the social, religious, military and political conflicts. The primary reason behind the Pakistan’s hollow development is the intolerance towards proposed frameworks and inability to grasp the drivers that would make the execution of the proposed laws possible. We believe in hollow verbal practices rather than actual pragmatically solid implementation since people value those who speak up, draft fancy proposals, suggest hypothetical suggestions lacking practicality and valiantly give discourses on global platforms. We rush to adulate a person and even speedier in degrading based on the words used. Therefore, we are in constant race to be in the ‘news’ to be the ‘hero of the day’ or to be on the ‘trending column of the twitter.’ This is one of the core fundamental reason why Pakistan drops to 107th position in the Global Innovation Index as per the 2020 research.

The business executives, policy makers, the Beaurocrat – the so called civil servants and others who are responsible into seeking an insight into country’s economy and innovation are busy creating ‘look busy do nothing’ practices to be in the news, just drafting hollow proposal papers and not ensuring the feasibility of implementing the laws proposed and recommendations received.

They say we always talk about same standard, worn out issues why not come up with new problems. We have seen democrats saying we are open to people suggestions and try tweet the new problems that are driving Pakistan to drop to world raking in almost every sector. They fail to comprehend that unless you do not address the basics of something, nothing new would bring an impact as long as the true execution is ensured.

As per the United Nations observations, Pakistan has the week laws since our legislative bodies neglects to guarantee legitimate execution of the laws. Parliament does not give attention to proficient framework of the drafts since we have hollow draft proposals that add another excuse to the laws proper implementation. The legislation offers lift to a country and strengthens the civilians however, legislation alone cannot accomplish the core needs. It needs to have an implementation mechanism alongside it to ensure vigourolsy effective structure if ensuring the implementation of solid laws by competent parliamentary staff, credibly skillful secretariat and efficiently autonomous committees, that too missing, unfortunately!

The obliviant attitudes towards the technological enhancements, changing political trends, altering economies, growing necessities of individuals and diverse populace demands has caused structuring the inefficient drafting of the laws alongside the incompetence of enforcement agencies who fails to recognize the penalties against the victims due to the insufficiency and vagueness of legislative frameworks.

As per the current general practices of, we have seen executives consistently go for passing and proposing laws that would set out opportunities and ensure access to women while failing to remember the core regulator of the access itself-the in securely sick patriarch. They always go after making fancy laws and hollow draft proposals for women’s freedom and protection when most of them are suppressed to extreme extents where they’ve their insecure patriarchal patriarch as the core driver of the thoughts- their personal thoughts. It’s like asking a sadly handless individual to swallow medication! Or like giving a key to an individual to emerge from a room that is bolted from outside! This hollow role of the drafted laws makes the development in Pakistan a real problem. We go after creating drafts rather than looking for solutions worth implementing.

Thus, as per the general perception it can be justifiably said that unless implementation of the laws isn’t guaranteed, enabling Pakistan to come out from the developing tag appears to be far too away

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