Is it Really a Multi-Party Democracy?

Pakistan’s government is divided into executive, legislative, and judicial levels. This allows the separation of power that was meant to distribute power to avoid conflicts springing up and ensure to having the peacefully stable functioning of the state.

This is why for years Pakistan’s framework is based on multiparty democracy where ‘multiple’ political parties compete in elections and the one that wins by majority ‘rule’ the state. Again this was meant to ensure giving equal participation to each party willingly passionate to ‘serve’ the country as ‘servants’ since state officials and ministers are technically termed as ‘servants’ the ones who serve the country with their ‘unconditionally honest yet passionately democratic intentions.’ However, we see the exact opposite!

Pakistan’s ‘servants’ intentions (depicted) are essentially great and holy since they work on the principles of constitution that promote the multiparty democracy phenomena and the judicial servants interpret constitutional laws in ways that too signify and justify that multiparty democracy exists and equal participation, equal chances, equal distribution of power as per the hierarchy and equal say is given and ensured. However, we see the exact opposite! No new party is welcomed and appreciated as it should be; no emerging talent gets ‘space’ to enter into active politics; no recruitment drives to hunt talent for ‘serving’ Pakistan occurs and no new person other than the children of ‘known politicians’ are allowed to even desire about being in a politics. And we say we live in a multiparty democracy! Isn’t it freaking holy?

The multiparty democracy inculcates democracy which means the participation of ‘people’ into the state’s problems and rights to elect representatives from ‘diverse backgrounds, affiliations, cultures, and ages since problems are solved by comprehensive brainstorming. This requires the brains of multiple individuals residing in a country. Without their opinions and raised voices, country’s complexities will not be addressed since problems begun from the roots and root causes are ‘people’ and people cannot be entirely embodied into ‘officials;’ It inculcates each individual residing in a country that is facing that ‘problem.’ Again meant to ensure peace and democracy since it allows collective opinions of individuals to ensure peaceful stability since each brain is involved in the mechanics of solving a problem and each individual is addressed to avoid aggression.

Ironically, we portray a multi-party democratic system whereas deep-rooted feudally-guided, slavery-loved psyches are still embedded with ‘one manpower/one-party system. Thus, we have instilled in us that most appreciated one-party state system which works on the assumption that the highest supreme organ, that one supreme authority represents and embodies the concerns of the people of the state and concludes this democratic centralism to be far better than making an effort to bring multiple parties and showcasing the ‘circus of democracy’ because ‘competition’ is discouraged and ‘unopposed elections’ are supported.

Fragile people, fragile state; fear of losing; the terror of ‘ego-tearing.’

Pakistan has never experienced true democracy yet we depict it as a true product of the democratic system. Two to three ‘political principals’ elect each time to take turns and we call it ‘multiparty democracy.’ Freaking holy!

Every five years, these ‘holy principals’ come and elect and ‘bribe’ votes to maintain the hollow multiparty democracy tier. Freaking holy! Every time we depict electing of ‘multiple parties’ that includes the same old ruling elite to come and ‘serve the country.’ And we call it ‘multiparty democracy’ Freaking holy!

Depicting holy intentions, freaking opposite doings!

The opposition opposes not the undemocratic actions, illegal initiatives, or ‘against-the-constitution doings but opposes the person in power, his actions, his speeches, his acquaintances, his ministries, his decisions, his dressing, his previous records, and everything that can possibly make that person incompetent and ineligible for that position, ‘the chair that allows possibly every unholy action of the so-called holy saint’.

The opposition would never come up with solutions to the problems that they feel are worth addressing because they never focused on the state’s problems and we have never seen opposition addressing issues not yet addressed by the ruling party, they would, however, come up with problems of specifically ‘personal grudges’ to satisfy the ‘opposition tag’ they have befallen with to take the power of the state next time in elections to justify multiparty democracy, And we call it democratic system. Freaking holy!

The ruling party rules not serve the country, make visits resulting in wide media coverages, multiple press releases, Twitter trends and the only domain they manage to serve is by serving ‘food of fuel’ to current affair shows. The ruling party makes statements, makes proposal announcements, makes decisions, holds conferences, and everything that can easily allow them to complete the five-year leisure time. And we call it ‘multiparty democracy.’ Freaking holy!

‘Multiple parties equals same old ruling elite class of self – claimed democracy ‘guardians.’

Multiparty democracy equals taking turns after ‘undemocratically shrewd opposition’ tactics.

Democracy equals giving demos of power to be suffered by the ‘people’ after each turn satisfying hollow multiparty democracy.’

Isn’t it a good democracy? After all, we’re forced to believe it!


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