Senate Elections & Subsequent Threats

Pakistan is yet again on the roads of the dark tunnel leading nowhere but paving ways to passionately corrupt paths for emerging players to come and play against the innocent minds. The videos of potential candidates got hype. Blame games started and ‘talk sixes’ somehow managed to cover the intensity of the scenes. No one came up and asked for investigation yet demanded justice. Irony.

Negligence was observed and it was seen that respect for the senate and democratic system in general failed and had failed its due respect. The question arises; why can we not bring up the system or law to combat such cases and the most ironically cute stance is the non-compliance of ‘people’ towards the constitution itself. How can we expect ‘people’ complying to laws that too passed by ‘people’

If the current situation prevails and remained, it would cause the system to turn up and down in ways that can drip in the injections of cancer. Pakistan’s democratic system is already in a fragile state of loss where democracy exists merely in name, not in an applicable manifesto.

The dilemma is the complexity entangled with the complex alliance, self-created blurry visions, complex competitions and polite desires to ace for office. The ‘seat’ is spinning them all around it like a pro hyping up its objects to showcase a show of materialism.

In-party injustice, inability to put up with the leader’s vision, rigid attitude towards new approaches, greed for ‘power’  and lust for chasing ‘I’m the one, worship me’ status is, in reality, ruining the canvas of corrupt mind plain enough to allow the inducement that was seen prior the senate elections.

The authorities should take a stance against the illegal practices and controversial statements that have been observed and are on record to eradicate the probability of ‘shouldn’t have done’ cases to happen in future. The institutions must practice the autonomy that is designated yet entangled with relation boundaries. It is the time to put intellect into action rather than comprise on issues by labelling ‘it’s a commonly usual occurrence, can’t be changed.’ It can be changed. It should be changed to spring new opportunities for our beloved motherland.

Hoping for the “right person” to implement “right tactics” at “right time” with the assistance of ‘maturely right people’ Or else the unethically fraudulent and nicely polite ‘see saw’ rides of ‘players’ will cause the nation to dip down to phase of never-ending darkness.

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