Pakistani Culture & Government Policies Versus Online Learning

The global pandemic has caused real essences of anxiety among students and caused them to lose interest in actual learning. However, it is not the corona itself but the related policies that proved out to be depression causing and problem triggerers. The continuously rapid changes about the school/university closures and the inability of institutions to make authorized plans regarding SOPS has changed the concept and perspective with which students see studies and education in general.

It has been observed that more than 20% of undergraduate enrollments have fallen since the corona has taken its grip. It’s unfortunate for the country like Pakistan which is already under 60% literacy rate far below than India’s and Bangladesh. It is alarming for Pakistan’s future growth that is essentially relying on our youth.

Online learning did not produce productive results in terms of student’s mental growth and knowledge enhancement. It just improved grades and CGPA due to the obvious reasons.

I’ve seen people saying things like ‘Foreign countries are doing great when it comes to online learning. Majority of their people are learning from home and acing like a pro. The trend of online classes has been practised there since years and we have seen the intelligent minds springing up and achieving grades in terms of broadening visions and exploring horizons of diverse learning. So why can’t Pakistan do the same? Why do Pakistani students not showcasing the constructively productive results and why online classes have become a mess for students and instructors too?

The answer is the mindsets we have been brought up with. The answer is the manners we have been brought up with. The answer is the perspectives we have been brought up with. The answer is the rigidness and stubbornness we have been brought up with. The answer is the ‘me factor’ imbedded in us. The answer is the lack of respect we showcase. The answer is the ignorance of the building a bright future. The answer is the for-grantedness we have embedded in us draining and taking away anything and everything we have been given and been left with.

To cut short, teachers in foreign countries do not have to shout at students to unmute their mic and speak when their turn comes and when their name is being called. Students know what they are been asked and what responsibility they have as a student. Students are determined to bring out the maximum output from the time they have been given to learn. Students have the conviction to share ideas to contribute to virtually diverse learning setup. They see online classes as a blessing since learning is being done from home and transportation expenses, stationary expenses and other ‘going to college’ expenses are reduced along with having enough time that allows multi-tasking and provides ideal opportunities to grasp stars out of the dark.

However, it is seen that online classes were seen as a trauma, a problem, a curse that ultimately made them a mess. Our minds did not accept this concept of learning from home. For some, it is justified since the home environment creates hindrances for majority students to grasp what’s been taught due to noises and noncooperation of house members to stop talking while the online classes are being given.  It is again not the fault of home members too because we as a society are not been brought up the way we should have been due to unconsciously imbedded concepts that do not allow to digest the fact of learning from home.

Another problem is the rigidness of people to comply with the SOPs instructed. I’ve seen markets crowded with people without masks. I’ve seen 2 ladies lying on the same bed in hospitals. I’ve seen people saying ‘corona is just a joke. It does not exist. Government is trying to fool us.’ I’ve seen people saying ‘everyone has to die. We cannot stop it from happening so why wear makes and sanitize hands.’ These actions and unfortunate instances of such showcases have given authorities the excuses to delay and rapidly change policies due to actual reasons sometimes due to some other reasons. As a result, student’s growth failed, knowledge confined and learning stopped. That’s our dilemma yet needs to be addressed!



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