Impact of Baseless Motivation on Our Youngsters

Pakistan has been unable to produce innovative leaders in different fields because of our education system, conformed thinking of people that lead to the death of ‘question’ here and some socio-economic problems. I would like to add another problem to this list that is baseless motivation and fantasies which are injected in our youngsters from a very early age.

Parents, teachers, academic /non-academic curriculum and mass media everyone is responsible for not showing our youngsters a proper dimension instead they keep on injecting ‘conformity’ in young minds by saying ‘old is gold’.

A marriage which should be taught as a significant part of life is shown to the youngsters as an ultimate destination and girls are prepared to become ideal wives who are supposed to compromise everywhere to keep this relationship till their last breath whereas, boys are taught to earn and become ATMs.

In this competition, our boys forget that they are human beings so they turn our to be earning machines with no expressions but a huge noise! Our education system and literature add fuel to this fire. In the name of history, they teach fiction, hatred and give rise to over-ethnocentrism in the name of raising patriots.

This has lead to a lack of deep understanding of history, society, and life among our youngsters. Gradually, our society is turning the upcoming generations into extremists who want instant solution for everything; such people don’t opt for wisdom and deep understanding instead they keep on reacting spontaneously that results in damaging the societal harmony.

Motivational speakers who are doing business, very finely play with the minds of such extremists and inject ‘love for material’ in their minds by wrapping it in the cover of ‘success’. Our writers play the religion card to gain popularity and they also preach a concept that there is no room for ‘question’ in religion.

All of the dreams of our young men are associated with 72 virgins and girls are made to believe that clothing, food, and shelter which is being provided to them by men is more than enough for them! A society where socialization is being done this way can not produce leaders who think beyond the socially constructed paradigms and preach life!

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