Our Education System Is The Murderer Of Creativity

The social institution of education has a huge role in the socialization of our youngsters. Unfortunately, our academic curriculum has nothing to do with personality development, love for arts, and creative thinking instead, it is turning out to be the murderer of creativity of many students. Teachers who themselves have crammed a line “think out of the box” discourage the out-of-the-box attitude and questions of their students. In the competition of grades, those who can memorize things well are labeled as “brilliant ones” and those who do not fit into this criteria are badly discouraged.

Many creative students suffer from this traditional schooling. They are exceptional students because of their creative minds and innovative approach but they are usually misunderstood and given the tag of “dull ones” because they cannot score well in traditional exams.

Such students suffer also their creativity suffers when it goes unacknowledged, they think of it as something valueless and they do not make it their passion. On the other hand, society does injustice to itself by not identifying the true talent and the creative individuals because the creative minds have the capability to find out new solutions to the existing issues.

Also, if we look at the changing demands of the market, we can see that more than the degree, skill, and creativity is in demand and if we look at our education system, we can see only one thing and that is the competition of getting more and more grades. Many students are scoring marks near to the total but why are we constantly failing in producing innovative minds, thinkers, and leaders? There is some problem with our structure which is valuing something that is not going to guarantee a secure and bright future.

By bringing reforms in our education system and by valuing talent and skills over grades we can overcome the damage we are doing to our youngsters through education which is failing its purpose. Education is meant to teach us ethics and manners of living a good life and giving us some skill by which we can become independent. We all can witness that our education is failing in both of its objectives. It is failing in teaching us ethics also it is not producing skillful manpower rather it is creating a useless class that has many pieces of paper but no skills and talent!


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