Delayed Gratification and Success

A psychological experiment was conducted on children who were under seven years of age. They were put in a room and one marshmallow was given to every child and all of them were given some instructions that if they would wait for fifteen minutes and not eat the marshmallow given to them; they’ll get another one as a reward. After fifteen minutes, it was seen that almost eighty percent of the children could not wait for fifteen minutes and they ate the marshmallow up.

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Our Education System Is The Murderer Of Creativity

The social institution of education has a huge role in the socialization of our youngsters. Unfortunately, our academic curriculum has nothing to do with personality development, love for arts, and creative thinking instead, it is turning out to be the murderer of creativity of many students. Teachers who themselves have crammed a line “think out of the box” discourage the out-of-the-box attitude and questions of their students. In the competition of grades, those who can memorize things well are labeled as “brilliant ones” and those who do not fit into this criteria are badly discouraged.

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Impact of Baseless Motivation on Our Youngsters

Pakistan has been unable to produce innovative leaders in different fields because of our education system, conformed thinking of people that lead to the death of ‘question’ here and some socio-economic problems. I would like to add another problem to this list that is baseless motivation and fantasies which are injected in our youngsters from a very early age.

Parents, teachers, academic /non-academic curriculum and mass media everyone is responsible for not showing our youngsters a proper dimension instead they keep on injecting ‘conformity’ in young minds by saying ‘old is gold’.

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