The Consent (A Short Story)

For the last couple of days, the memories were jolting his mind unceasingly with continuously changing scenes of joys and pains like a cinema reel running on the screen of his inner consciousness without any background music, just a whirring sound of a reel and rapidly changing scenes.

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The Deep Exhale (Short Story)

She was staring at the photograph hanging on the wall for quite a while. After a couple of minutes, she took a deep exhale while looking at the photograph. An exhale as if she were traveling for a long in a desert and finally found an orchard to relax in its shadows.

Her eyes were wet and misty and one could easily recognize the smirk on her face. She heard the eco of the Tamboura (Musical Instrument) with lines of Sufi saint Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai’s poetry from inside;

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Buried Alive (Short Story)

For the last many hours she was staring dazed at everything placed in her room, unable to recognize objects due to misty eyes. The perturbations stormed inside her so much, that she felt everything around her like moving in a tornado.

A sudden knock on her room’s door jolted her mind and brought her back to senses and the things moving around her came to an end. Her clogged ears were restored and she could now hear the hum of the ceiling fan.

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The Pandemic: After the Last Chapter

The light wind was continuously whispering from her room’s window. The whistles of breeze were mesmerizing and assisting her to a world of calmness and spiritual pleasure. Suddenly a random gust knocked the niche of the window compelling her to leave the couch and look at the scenery outdoor.
It was the sixth month now, that she quarantined herself. This was an absolute quarantine not merely from people but from everything which may let her connect to the outside world. She always felt guilty and puny and lost all the guts to face life outside her room. Yet she made an all-new space for her and put life in it, a life which she lost in a horrible pandemic by losing the loved ones.

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