Dealing With Type 1 Diabetes,

Recently my son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 9 years of age. It was such a devastating news for all of us and we received it as a shock. The first phase was almost two to three weeks where we still could not believe that it could happen to us and this is the reality.

The later stage was not more traumatic in the sense that this is a lifelong condition and we as a family will have to live with it no matter what. This was very heartbreaking and traumatic as looking at your child suffered through this and having highs and lows blood sugar levels in everyday life was not easy.

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Mental Health and Social Issues

In our culture, there is not much awareness about mental health. This is the issue we tend to avoid the most. Not only the big chunk of our society consider it unimportant rather they are of the view that considering these issues important or paying attention to them will create more sensitivity and enhance the complexity of the situation. That’s why most people tend to ignore certain matters that involve mental health and well being.

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