Mental Health and Social Issues

In our culture, there is not much awareness about mental health. This is the issue we tend to avoid the most. Not only the big chunk of our society consider it unimportant rather they are of the view that considering these issues important or paying attention to them will create more sensitivity and enhance the complexity of the situation. That’s why most people tend to ignore certain matters that involve mental health and well being.

Even the so-called educated and well-established class also tends to have the same approach towards this phenomenon. Most of the time they think that it might be momentary and the person will adjust himself and his stress over time. They simply don’t want to look into the root cause of the problem.

Another aspect which is very crucial that has an impact on their mind is that deep down they have this intuition or realization that they were part of the problem and paying attention to such matters will bring their bad behaviors on to spotlight .. so this is not helping to identify the issue in its true essence as they would be to blame individually as part of the problem despite their so-called refine personality which was very much concerned about the victim’s mental health.

This is the reason most of the time our social norms have complicated the situation for not only the patient but also in terms of the patient’s treatment.

The female segment of our society tends to do their catharsis with shopping and involving in trivial domestic politics whereas men tend to keep the things under the carpet to show off their so-called masculine ” Macho Man ” image that they are a strong individual and they are not supposed to show the weak side of their personality. However in reality this very problem is affecting their life with greater influence, not only their personal life but their social and professional life.

All of the aspects tend to have trickledown effects on their relationships, due to these mental issues if left unaddressed. Their relationship comes under chaos with their loved ones. As an emerging progressive society, we need to be mindful about not only the physical health of our people but also their mental health should be very important to us. Because a healthy mind and soul will give a better generation to our society which will prosper in new dimensions.

People’s individual mental and physical health both should be taken care of and we should give our loved ones their individual breathing space in terms of not interfering unnecessarily in their lives. Especially the family environment should have positivity and not critical or leg-pulling this is the basic feeling one should get from their home .. as a home is a place which should attach the feeling of security and peace .. parents tend to put extra pressure on studies of their kids, hence ignoring their mental well being. We should be giving more breathing space to our women is another important factor that can create a better society.

Equal opportunity for men and women should be mandatory and human rights should be attainable not denied in terms of their sex or financial background. Every citizen should have an equal right to education, a job, and leisure. To conclude this I would like to share a quote from famous American writer Mathew Quick ” The problem with the stigma around the mental health is really about the stories, that we tell ourselves as a society”


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