Coronavirus and Nature’s Fury

The so-called best of times are behind us at least temporarily. Never mind misrule, corruption and poverty have always been a permanent feature of our state. Today, relative to the best of times we are in the midst of the worst of times connected with the coronavirus pandemic. Many theories are being floated about the origins of coronavirus. My focus on the origins of the current pandemic, among many, is on two factors.

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Economic Consequences of Coronavirus Pandemic and the Role of Vaccination

The BBC and other broadcasters have made the headlines that at a time when the rest of the world is being locked down, Israel is at the top of the list of countries where mobility is increasing and deaths due to COVID-19 are declining, and where people are running their business and travelling without wearing masks. Not a single casualty has been reported due to Coronavirus in the last many days.

How did this happen? Just because the number of per capita vaccinated people in Israel is the highest in the world. On the other hand, according to NCOC, there are just 7,11,400 people in Pakistan who got vaccinated so far, which is less than even one percent of the total population. With such a situation, running the businesses and keeping the economy open in such a densely populated country and even hoping to end the state of uncertainty in the economy would be nothing short of imaginary.

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PSI Calls for a Temporary Patent Waiver on Covid-19 Vaccines

The G20 will meet in Rome this 21 May to endorse a “Rome Declaration” – a set of principles that will serve as a guide to shape the post-pandemic recovery. According to a press release issued by the Public Services International (PSI), the organization has played an active role in the preparatory meetings leading up to this G20 Global Health Summit, and is calling for the temporary waiver on patents in the WTO TRIPs Agreement for Covid-19 vaccines, therapeutics and technology, but also for a reform of the global financial architecture to be included in this declaration.

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Frontline health workers of Pakistan laud US support for TRIPSS waiver on Covid-19 vaccines

Karachi:  6 May 2021: Frontline health workers of Pakistan have appreciated the United States’ announcement to support for waiving intellectual property (IP) protection for Covid-19 vaccines. The US decision is a breakthrough in India and South Africa’s attempts to get World Trade Organisation (WTO) member countries to agree to such a waiver to fight the pandemic equitably.  

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 Covid-19 Ushers Wheat Crisis in Pakistan

The outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has severely affected the global and Pakistani economy. Major victims of the COVID-19 outbreak are micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). Experts fear that the pandemic’s economic fallout will considerably derail the country’s recovery process.

This is a matter of grave concern that an agricultural country faces the problem, “Less Wheat, More People”. According to the World Food Programmer more than a third of Pakistan’s population faces food insecurity, the crisis came to the surface with its full-fledged intensity around mid-January 2020 when the Flour Mills Association (FMA) raised the wheat flour price by 6 PKR per KG hitting a total of around 70 PKR per KG. This was an increase of 20 PKR per KG since the inception of the PTI government.

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Violence and Children’s Noetic Health

Many incidents highlight emotional and psychological trauma as a result of violence. Violence in the family can be embedded as a sense of trepidation in the child. Sometimes parents don’t understand what their child is going through.

Providing them bread and repast, paying their fee, buying them the commodities are the good things but providing them the phrenic tranquility is beyond it. A sense of security to their children where they are liberated from intrinsic or extrinsic fears. The deportment of your child is predicated upon how you treat him. The negligence of parents towards their child can cause catastrophic havoc upon the phrenic

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A Lifetime of Autism

Research has estimated that autistic people with a college degree have an unemployment rate of 85%. Around a third of autistic 18-year-olds will go to college, but only 15% of the actual graduates will find gainful employment at any one time. The reason I am focusing on the autistic people who have college degrees is to say this: People with college degrees are the least likely to have intellectual disabilities. They are the ones most likely to have cobbled together enough skills to navigate society and succeed. They are the ones likely to have the most effective masks, and even they are struggling to get by in our society.

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The Difference that the Success Of a Transgender’s Case Made

We are living in the era of the 21st century where it is believed that the availability of constitutional and fundamental human rights is common. But still, the minorities in the world are fighting their battle of existence. Transgenders are considered the common enemy of every society.

In Pakistan, a transgender named Faiz Ullah went to the court for justice. She challenged the Punjab Public Service Commission’s eligibility criteria where only females and males were allowed to apply for jobs. Though she won the case whereas the question raised here when the legislation was passed years ago why she needed to sue the Punjab Public Service Commission to entertain her job application.

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