Vaxxie: Vaccination drive and our attitude

As news of the coronavirus sweeps around the world, panic is observed throughout the world. Considerable awareness campaigns have been launched in the developed countries regarding precautionary measures. The public took security measures seriously. But some countries of the world and most of the citizens of these countries were not prepared to accept the “Corona Pandemic” as a reality. Pakistan has almost topped the list of these countries. Now that millions of people have surrendered to this deadly virus and left us alone, many of our close relatives, loved ones, and friends have perished, so we have come to our senses, and have accepted the reality. It was a depressing situation

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CPC ,100 Years of Commitment, Persistence and Courage

Over the past century, the Communist Party of China (CPC) has transformed the once shattered and impoverished country into the world’s second-largest economy. The CPC has led China to achieve miracles of rapid economic growth, end of Poverty, and long-term social stability, which has had profound global implications. The Party, which believes that China does not need the model of democracy found in the West, has established a democracy that suits the country itself. Although political parties vary in their political stances, goals, and visions, the

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Mental Health Issues Among Youngsters

In every corner and silt of the world, most of the people are suffering from severe problems, but nowadays, youngsters who are the future have agonized from mental health, anxiety, and depression. Here the question arises that why are individuals at such young ages stressed?

The age of 15 to 22 is the time period where they must be healthy from all aspects because they have a long life ahead to work on their goals and for the betterment of their country.

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Pakistan and China, Iron Brothers and Strategic Partners – Today and Forever

Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan’s special letter to Chinese newspaper Global Times to mark the special occasion of 70 years of diplomatic ties, given the special significance of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

“We emphatically endorse the spirit and philosophy of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Pakistan has always upheld the “One-China Policy” and supported China on Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, and South China Sea issues.”

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Oral Health Complications Take Place in Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a state of physiological condition that brings about numerous alternations in the oral cavity along with other physiological changes occurring all over the female body. Dental Caries, gingivitis, tooth mobility and various salivary variation are some of the changes frequently observe among pregnant women. Numerous studies have found evidence associating together poor maternal oral health, pregnancy outcomes and dental health of the offspring. These may extent from preterm delivery and low birth weight to a higher risk of

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Four Attributes Of Malala Haters

Yet another day, yet another field day for Malala haters. It feels like all that the keyboard warriors did was pray for misjudgments on Malala’s part during Ramadan and lo and behold, we are back to seeing the circus of hypocritical self-righteousness from entitled males and virginal females of the Twittersphere.

While I don’t expect any nuanced intellectual discourses to occur on social media, every time this happens, the barrage of trolls seems to get more and more dimwitted. Each time, I also lament the forever stretching gap between these custodians of morality and “liberals” like me who dismiss them, yet embolden them by our inaction.

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Conserving the Ecosystems of Pakistan

This year, Pakistan hosted World Environment Day on June 6. The theme of the day “Ecosystem restoration” emphasizes the need for restoration of the damaged ecosystems and conservations of the intact ones. An Ecosystem comprises of biological organisms, livening in their respective physical environments, and can be aquatic, or terrestrial. A healthy ecosystem absorbs abundant greenhouse gases and delivers numerous socio-economic benefits to the people.

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Class Division in Online Education System

According to Article 25 of the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973 all citizens of the country are equal and deserve equal treatment. Thus, under Article 25-A, all citizens have the right to an equal education but after passing more than 70 years any government has not played a role in giving the basic right to equal education because education plays an important role in the progress and development of a state.

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