Inequality Amid COVID-19: Dilemma of which one should get and which be left to die

Dickens calls the writers the “Earthly Gods” as they are to decide one’s fate over the piece of paper but who could think of someone deciding the matter of life, ironically not by the pen but by injection instead.

As of now, one doesn’t see doctors responsible any longer since the vaccine itself is freed to get along with one of the either: a scrap of paper, circulating on social media with noble laureate narrating the story (fabricated or true) that vaccinated people will die within two years, or along with what really vaccine is invented for.

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The lesson of the Morning

Today I experienced that your surrounding is not only from which you can borrow some happiness, the thing that makes you happy is not what you see in front of you. There is something stirred everywhere and in every forest of concrete. Did you ever see yourself standing erect in the garden but it smells malodorous, I am pretty certain – it will take you a minute to come out of the garden.

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