The Myth of Peace

The world politics have been changed from 1990 but still, the people of Afghanistan and erstwhile FATA are in distressed condition. Afghanistan is the country where every superpower tries to tests its weapons. For instance, the 1978 invasion of Afghanistan by USSR and US interest the people of Afghanistan and erstwhile FATA ( Pakistan) are in a continuous war situation. Both the superpowers showed their powers and then left the country in a miserable condition.

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Uniform Education

A man can only hope and I am doing the same. I hope, may be a piece of my writing can knocked the door of this selfish government. Education is the basic right of every person in this modern time. You can judge the prosperity of any nation through its education system. Education plays a constructive role in the development of any country. Our country, Islamic Republic of Pakistan also declared the right to education as a fundamental right of each and every citizen.

Unfortunately, our country has provided this right only in constitution but not in practical sense. Due to no serious intention of government, most of the students, in his student life become child labor due to poverty and so many other troubles. And still government is not taking any serious notice. Government only knows about them when internationally labors day celebrates in our country.

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