Why Tump’s Demands About The Election Fraud Should Worry You

According to President Trump’s most vocal supporters, the election was fraudulent and it is the duty of Congress to overturn the election results for the swing states that voted for Joe Biden. Unfortunately for anyone who cares about democracy, the proposed cure to the alleged election-fraud is far worse than if there has actually been an election-fraud.

Presume for a second that Biden won all of his electors legitimately. If Congress allows Biden to keep all of his electoral votes then it is following the will of the people, and acting in a way the Framers intended. If Congress removes the electors from Biden’s corner because of the mere suspicion of fraud then it is overriding the will of the people and inserting its own will instead.

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How Did Donald Trump Do So Well in the Past Two Presidential Elections?

How did Donald Trump do so well in the past two presidential elections? What we are seeing are the death throes of Christian, conservative, middle-class, white, heterosexual, cisgendered men who feel that these elections are a matter of life and death.

I had the misfortune of spending a great deal of time with a white racist man in the 1990’s. Even 25 years ago, he was frequently speaking of the pending doom in 50 years when whites become the minority in America. Today, the majority of children under 17, in America, are minorities. In addition, over 10% of all couples in America are interracial.

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