“The moths, who forewent over the gleam of truth” Sarmad Khoso’s second book of Essays in Sindhi

“Sarrya Mathay Sach’a”  (The moths, who lost their lives, burning over the gleam of truth) is the second published book of Sarmad Khoso, an Educator, Educationist, an emerging prose writer of Sindhi language and one, who possesses a tender soul for the conjoint torments of society and humanity. This discomfort compels him to write, not for his recognition, but for being the voice of society. His first book “Taneen Khe Taaleem’a Ji” (Those, who are conferred with the concern of the Education) was published in 2019, which comprised various essays about education in Sindh, addressing the problems of the local academic system and curriculum and recommendations towards their elucidation. This book was also received by the readers and literary circles in Sindh, amiably.

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Arizona, and Beyond the Shores of the Pacific

“Mary had a little lamb… Its fleece was white as snow… Merry had a little lamb…” I was singing as a 2-year child in front of my house along the shores of the Pacific, on a cold Sunday morning of December 7, 1941… Suddenly the stratosphere became full of terrible clamours of war-aircrafts, which not only came flying but also detonated over Arizona… The peaceful shores of Arizona become a battlefield… people started crying… the explosions destroyed houses, ships and individuals. In a wink of an eye, a smiling settlement became a dell of death.

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Words Are Pearls, Full of Colors And Whiff

The mid-forth month of the Gregorian calendar brings the memory of Maqsood Gul (April 15, 1950 – February 14, 2015), veteran Sindhi and Urdu poet, scholar, intellectual and the man of letters. We are commemorating his seventy-first birth anniversary, today.

Let’s pay him homage by going through some of his thoughts and crack to discover out, how he deduced human sentiments and how his message is inimitable and everlasting.

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