Malir Mehran Depot & Airport Graveyards Seriously Affected by the Recent Rains


Due to the recent substantial monsoons spells in the provincial capital during August, specially the one on Friday, where living creatures were badly affected and a number of cases of casualties, displacements and infrastructure damages are reported, at the same time colonies of those, who have departed forever, have also badly been affected.

Like other graveyards of Karachi and around, massive obliteration in 2 major and huge graveyards of Malir Karachi, (i) Airport graveyard and (ii) Mehran Depot graveyard has aggressively taken place, where the structures of most of the graves are squashed into the earth due to rupture of cemented slabs, through which the grave is normally covered.

Both the graveyards are showing the heartbroken and terrifying view of annihilation and feel like, it is affected by a colossal earthquake. It is so throbbing and heart-wrenching that one can also observe the covering clothes (Kafans) of some of the dead bodies, through the cracked holes of some of the graves.

I’m wondering: (i) who is responsible for taking care of these colonies of the deceased and which could be the proper door to be knocked for its rehabilitation? (ii) Who will take action against those, who manufacture these substandard cement chunks for graves, and don’t take care of its quality, to make it strong enough to remain safe in any weather conditions?

KMC and Government of Sindh must take notice of the episode and form an active squad for the restoration of all such graves of almost all the graveyards of Karachi.

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