A Few Good Things Mighty Homo Sapiens Can Learn from the Virus

We are living in the age of pandemic (covid19), suffering, lockdown, economic and social crisis, health sector limitations and much more. But amidst this some good things emerges out of the chaos to be valued and learned;

Suddenly humans adopted the habit of cleanliness, no more hand shaking and hand washing became a popular universal norm, an effective method to avoid bad germs that cause illness.

Health and Health care system flaws exposed, the Governments realization to strengthen health care must be the top priority for governance and political power depends upon it. Global cooperation in terms of health management to fight against the Pandemic is visible, a realization to fight against a common threat with common support is doable.

Environment is getting attention, and behaving better as the economy slows down at turtle pace, a rat race is paused, that creates an opportunity for the Earth to clear her lungs from pollution. The World Health Organization says dirty air, both indoors and out, cuts short seven million lives annually worldwide. The flip side is that even temporarily cleaner air can help ‘flatten the curve’ of the pandemic, easing the burden on health care systems by reducing the number of people who experience severe COVID-19 symptoms.

An ignored element of empathy is slowly coming out of materialistic fog.

Junk food consumption reduced due to lock down and fear of virus, this added value in health and fitness, reduction in plastic pollution generated because of non-bio degradable food packaging.

Simple living is possible, as we forget to stop auto pilot mode of life, a rat race, a vicious circle that has no end, a circle of desires, pay cheques, bills, consumerism addiction, unnecessary shopping lust, sale pursuits, social and TV media marketing illusions, etc. etc. This is a chance to press a rewind button and learn to plan a simple living.

A bicycle trend is back on roads, a simple easy way to travel in a city, as public transport will not be safe to move during the time of pandemic, bicycle is healthy and safe to move in city, and eco-friendly too.

Value time; Quality of family time became a dream. When you stop valuing home then it becomes a house, a difference between house and home is family time. Parents get an opportunity to spend more time with kids, and get to know each other outside the digital world. Partners have a wonderful opportunity to come closer, sort out differences, add more love in a relationship. Here is a chance for a man to understand women, the homemakers, their daily routine, looking after kids, home, cooking, and multitasking to keep running home affairs, men must learn to help women at home, make her feel relaxed, cared and loved, value her priceless contribution in home building. This family bond will certainly improve quality of living both personally and professionally.

We have to understand the difference between success and happiness. Start listening to yourself not others, pay attention inside rather outside, value family closeness, and create a limited effective caring circle that certainly will add dividends to life.

This time has given us the opportunity to go back to basic things like a shelter, food and good health, and very carefully care about health, understand health is wealth.

Book reading, books are best friends, somehow books manage to find a place at home, in the living room, bed rooms, leisure time spent on reading during lock down, at least lock down get books to home. As Jorge Luis Borges said, “I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”

In the pursuit of money the real purpose of being lost in the concrete walls of materialism. Just pause and think, what is your purpose in life? To earn money is that a sole purpose?

Humans must learn from emptiness… the emptiness of spaces, the emptiness inside and outside of being.

At the end, value the moment you are in, not on you will be, learn to live in the present, for the present and on the present moment decides past and future.

But the irony is Homo Sapiens has memory functional disorder perhaps caused by greedy consumerism and unbridled capitalism. Once the pandemic eases they start following the same old routine of rat race, run economic engines on full throttle and forget about respecting nature, protecting the environment and value simplicity.

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