A Few Good Things Mighty Homo Sapiens Can Learn from the Virus

We are living in the age of pandemic (covid19), suffering, lockdown, economic and social crisis, health sector limitations and much more. But amidst this some good things emerges out of the chaos to be valued and learned;

Suddenly humans adopted the habit of cleanliness, no more hand shaking and hand washing became a popular universal norm, an effective method to avoid bad germs that cause illness.

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Learning in the time of Pandemic… Zero Waste

An important life changing habit to learn from this lock down is ‘Zero waste’.

The concept of zero waste is not new but not taken seriously by urbanities. How much waste we produce daily just have a look at land filth site where some part of city waste end up probably millions of tons monthly, if this is not possible than at least start looking at your house trash bin, how much waste you or your family produce weekly, and how much of this waste is reusable, recyclable and large quantity of it is a trash bad for humans, animals and planet health?

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