Government Training College Hyderabad, its Historical ‘Big Bell’ and ‘Akhbaar-e-Taaleem’

Government Training College (for men) Hyderabad is a 168-year-old teacher’s training institute, which owns the honour of being the biggest teacher’s training organization in the province, established in 1854 in Karachi (as a school) and shifted to Hyderabad ten years later in 1864, after 8 years of the Indian Rebellion. Besides being the largest teacher’s training institute in the province, it retains the inimitability of publishing a regular magazine, titled: “Akhbar-e-Taaleem” dedicated to the essays, articles and research regarding education, local and global educational trends, profiles and interviews of the educational icons, office orders of the Sindh Education Department, and much more about the educational arena. The magazine is majorly published in the Sindhi language, having its Urdu as well as English sections, which represents the academic fraternity of Sindh in a true spirit, and is circulated and read among almost all the schools and colleges of the region. Initiated in 1902, by Deewan Tarachand Shauki Ram (the then Principal of the college), the magazine itself holds an age of 120 years, though 48 years (almost half a century) younger than the college, from where it is being published. The magazine’s first editor was Tarachand Shauki Ram himself.

The heads of this institute have been endeavouring their best to preserve the history of this historical college. One of the efforts in this regard was made in the recent past when the historical ‘Big Bell’ of the college was preserved sophisticatedly, which was once rung to indicate the completion of the class period in this college. This Bell is installed over a cement panel ornamented with tiles, through a granger near the entrance of the college, below which a stone designates a brief history of ‘the bell’ as well as the college.

The three columned scripts on the stone show the following text on its central column:

The historical big bell:

This historical big bell was attained at Training College Hyderabad from London in 1862 and was installed in the current building of the college. This bell was operated (being rung) till 1970. Roshan Ali Panhwar, the then Principal of the college installed this bell at this place on July 15, 2004, to preserve it for the lovers of cultural heritage and the generations to come.

From: Principal, College staff and students

The right column indicates the following text in Sindhi:

Significant heads of Training College, Hyderabad:

Deewan Choohar Mal Punjabi; Head Master (Karachi) 1854

Mulaan Mian Mehmood; Head Master (Hyderabad) 1864

Raees Ghulam Ali; Head Master (1876-1883)

Deewan Kauro Mal Chandan Mal; Principal (1883-1899)

Khan Bahadur Nana Ghulam Ali; Principal (1922-1935)

K.B. Muhammad Siddiq Memon; Principal (1936-1947)

Dr Ghulam Hussain Jafri; Inspector Principal (1951-1955)

Syed Panah Ali Shah; Inspector/ Principal (1970-1971)

Muhammad Suleman Khaskheli; Inspector Principal (1980-1989)

Syed Sher Shah Bukhari; Principal (1996-2000)

Roshan Ali Panhwer; Principal (2002-2004)

Whereas, the left side column of the stone writes, in Sindhi:

The profile of training College Hyderabad

Normal School was established in Karachi – 1854

Shifted to Hyderabad – 1864

The current building was constructed – 1887

‘Normal School’ was upgraded to ‘Training College’ – 1887

‘Akhbar-e-Taaleem’ was initiated (published) – 1902

Mosque was constructed – 1908

Museum was constructed – 1909

The garden and the Zoo were established – 1934

Upgraded to Elementary College of Education – 1978

I.T. (Computer) Center was originated – 2002


Training College for men Hyderabad was declared ‘Protected heritage’ by the department of Culture, Government of Sindh on October 8, 1997

Geographically standing by the side of ‘Sarfaraz Incline’ in Hyderabad Sindh, Government Elementary College for men extends knowledge to the teachers through the courses of PTC, CT, OT, DTC etc. Its building consists of 6 big classrooms, a demonstration Hall, Library, Science hall, Teachers’ common room, staff room, offices of the principal and the clerical staff, a garden, mosque, high school and Principal’s residence.

Elementary College Hyderabad continues lightening the beacons of acquaintance and training the educators to flourish the future of the nation. It clutches the pride of being the ‘Mother Institute’ of a number of training establishments (almost all the training institutes) of the province and being one of the historical foundations of the country.

May its nimbleness keep augmenting.


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