COVID-19 and Our Education System

Up till now we cannot predict whether Pakistan will defeat COVID-19 or not? It is still a question for all of us and quite full of uncertainty. But one thing is very much clear, that COVID-19 has adversely affected our education system in a really catastrophic manner. I mean look at the Education Centers, the schools, colleges, universities, the madrassas, even the students itself. The whole education system has become static. Not just in Pakistan, these are the situations being faced

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Will a Uniform Education System Unify Us?

Have you ever pondered, what are those wretched elements which do not let us unite? Of course, i know you will have given it an insubstantial thought but not properly for various reasons.

There will be multiple elements which are responsible for the aforementioned question, but to my petty knowledge one reason for the said thing is that there is no proper “Uniform Education System” all over the country with defined goals and clear intentions.

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