Will a Uniform Education System Unify Us?

Have you ever pondered, what are those wretched elements which do not let us unite? Of course, i know you will have given it an insubstantial thought but not properly for various reasons.

There will be multiple elements which are responsible for the aforementioned question, but to my petty knowledge one reason for the said thing is that there is no proper “Uniform Education System” all over the country with defined goals and clear intentions.

The Ruling Government is going to launch this unique type of initiative implementing a Uniform Education System across the country. At first, I was amused and also it is delightful for all of us but suddenly I thought for a while and asked myself, will the uniform education system unite us or not? I think that every citizen should think about this uniform education policy of the government, because the education system can make the fate of a nation, on contrary, it can destroy its future if not properly planned.

One of our esteemed professors would always say, “classrooms decide the future of the nation”. These students will hold public offices in future; if they are taught properly in classes then they can lead their concerned departments or public offices exceptionally. There are multi-factors which can be used as developing indicators of a state. It includes political and social, Economic systems, health infrastructure, technological advancements, its relation with foreign states-that how they tackle issues with other states within specified bounds etc, can be used to measure the progress of a state.

These all are important, I do not deny them but to me education is on top. I consider it as the cardiac system of any state because if it is properly planned and implemented with great structural policies, then I assume that that country will not lag behind in progress.

Untowardly, after the dismemberment of the subcontinent, education was put on the bottom level by every government and was not given proper attention, the consequences of which are quite evident today. There were no proper solutions with each government to solve problems in the education system and even if they had, they did not bother to introduce them for various reasons, maybe their own personal interest sticking to it.

There are different issues in education system such as different curriculum in each province and each province interpret its curriculum in its own ways and as a result we have different mindset and goals.

Moreover when there are differences in curriculum then students hailing from one province will have a different approach about one subject, to students hailing from another province. We, Pukhtoons were deprived academically to know our real heroes e.g Bacha Khan, Kushkhal Khan Khattak, Rahman Baba and many other examples of such legendary personalities about which we don’t know a single word, except their names.

Past ruler’s sole objective was to keep the public in a constant state of ignorance. They did not consider it momentous and worth remembering in the modern time. And this very outlook has resulted in grudges between people from different walks of life of the same nation. When we have a uniform education system, then it will create harmony among us as well as harmony in our minds. Our goals will be the same and apparent and also there will be no sort of inferiority complex among students because of the same curriculum.

Thus, I assume, universal education throughout the whole country will not only help in uniting us but also provide us with a platform to combat and tackle modern day issues and present our country in a way better manner than ever before.


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