Decolonisation: The Blind Owl and Connected Stories 

One of our professors at the University not only asks us to find our roots but also lends a helping hand in our pursuit of Indigenization and Decolonisation. By de-linking ourselves from the West and finding our roots, he doesn’t mean at all to go back to the old times and adopt the medieval lifestyle. Certainly not. What he means is what Ehsan Shariati has rightly said, “a new beginning, and a different start.” But some students still think that our professor is too much obsessed with the Decolonial theory. Well, it’s not a matter of obsession. If they knew the importance of this theory, especially having a colonial past, they would never say so.

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Modernization v. Civilisation

“Europe intended to captivate the non-European by the machine. Can a human or society be enslaved by a machine or certain European product without taking away or depriving him of his personality?” These are the words of Frantz Fanon which came into my mind, shortly, after watching the movie, Her.

The movie is quite captivating and interactive. Although the movie is a presentation of a futuristic version of the human relationship with the technology and this relation has been fantasied. It explores the theme of isolation and loneliness and how humans seek affection in a post-digital world. But at the same time, it lefts certain questions upon the viewer’s minds to think.

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A Roving Leopard and the Man-Eaters of Tsavo

Wildlife always fascinates me, however, in my childhood, I was not much inclined towards National Geographic or Animal Planet. This interest thrived in me as the sand of time seeped, just like the way humans grow gradually, or you may say I came across my nature a little bit lately. But now I perceive that wildlife is very imperative for the human existence. It is so heart-wrenching that a man, in this so-called capitalistic system, has no while to explore the secrets of nature, to contemplate the nature and to learn from the nature. Alas! The capitalistic system has made man so lethargic and mean.

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