Erase or Embrace? Postcolonialism: A Struggle Against the Eternal Slavery!

Alas! This is how the majority of people approach decolonization incorrectly to make an excuse to not fulfill their moral duties just because they’re scared or simply because they don’t care enough. Another example is that here whenever you raise your voice against a parent beating his child, you get the reasoning: “Yehan aaisa he hota hai. Ye koi America thora na hai jahan bachay ko marna manna ho. Yehan thori na bacha police bula skta is baat pe.” (“This is how it happens here. This is not America where beating your child is illegal. The kid can’t call the police to seek protection.”) This is not decolonization but being an inhumane monster violating human rights. Woefully, people give it the name of decolonization just because they’re doing the exact opposite of something that the Western world does.

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