COVID-19 and Spike in Domestic Violence in Pakistan

With the outbreak and seemingly unending situation of novel Corona Virus, lifestyles seem to have changed drastically. Where on one hand the governments are taking unprecedented measures in ensuring the effective imposition of lockdown by immuring people to their homes, concomitantly, domestic abuse and violence are making it to the apex due to several reasons including boredom, restrictions and mainly financial, etc. which, in fact, are the products of COVID-19. 

The current situation and state advice to stay-at-home have doctored further fear and commotion in the hearts of abused and oppressed women and children, as homes are definitely not a safe option for persecuted especially in the light of the report published in 2014 by Human Rights Watch stating that Violence against women– including rape, Honor killings, Acid attacks, Domestic violence and Forced marriage all remain serious problems in Pakistan.

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