N.M. Billimoria – Unsing Historian of Sindh

According to Dr Mubarak Ali, “the modern historiography of Sindh was introduced during the British rule when the Historical Society of Sindh was founded with the purpose of reconstructing the history of Sindh. (The Society) published a historical journal which contained well-researched papers, thus contributing immensely to recording the history of Sindh. Sadly, the Society and the journal discontinued after Partition.”

The Sindh Historical Society was established most probably by the end of 1933 by the educated elite of Karachi. Its founder President was Dr Hotchand Moolchand Gurbuxani, who is more renowned for his compilation of Shah Jo Risalo by using modern research methods. The

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Hasan Mansoor (1965-2020) and his Posthumous Book of Short Stories

March 5, 2020, was a fateful day for us because Journalist and Writer Hasan Mansoor left for his eternal abode due to a heart attack. He was not more than 55 years old. At that time, he was working as a reporter in the daily Dawn, Karachi. Before joining this daily, he remained associated with the Daily Star, Karachi, and the international news agency AFP. His journalistic career started with Sindhi newspapers, but very soon he joined English journalism. Born and bred in Lyari Karachi, he was also a poet and short story writer in the Sindhi Language. His anthology of Sindhi Short stories has just been published on his first death anniversary, which he was yearning to get published for the last few years.

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