Journalist Fareeha Idrees Tells Details of the Heinous Crime at the Motorway

Journalist Fareeha Idrees has shared details of the heinous crime at the motorway. Following is a series of tweets by her which explains what happened and how police and citizens failed to help her.

Some more details on the sad #motorwayincident .The woman called the emergency number #130 and spoke to them giving them her location. They gave her a local number where she was told to call for help.She called that number and gave them the location too. Shethem waited for help

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A Pair of Lions Succumbed to Death After Cage was Put to Fire

Islamabad, a pair of lions succumbed to death after it’s cage was put to fire in order to get them out of it. The officials were trying to transfer these lions to an animal shelter in Lahore to comply with the Islamabad High Court’s orders.

In 2016 animal activists of Islamabad started a campaign to end suffering of the captive animals in the Islamabad Zoo. A particular case was of an elephant named Kaavan.

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