Courage as the Greatest Virtue

I recently got to watch world-renowned talk show host, television producer, actress, and author – Oprah Winfrey’s conversation with the new President-elect: Joe Biden. (It was a conversation a few years back – but felt ever relevant). A lot of things narrated, shared by Biden deeply moved me – but a thing that overrides everything else was his anecdotal description of how his mother during childhood taught him the value of courage. How courage is the greatest virtue in one’s life.

If you think that the rest of the article would be more about Biden – you’ll be disappointed. However, it would sure be inspired by what his mother many years ago thought was the greatest virtue.

Courage is such a heavy word. So heavy that it reminded me of all the senseless competition, insecurities we’re mired in. After all, courage in our part of the world is considered munificence. Why did I say that?

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Valuing 21st century skills-based education

Covid-19 has truly exposed our deeply flawed, problematic education system. In the past few months, most students enrolled in our local universities, were begging to be provided with some form of flexibility vis-à-vis either submitting their assignments, not made to undergo in-person exams when the pandemic was yet to reach its peak in Pakistan – and even questioning unequal access to the internet and the so-called online classes – thanks to the financial, infrastructural constraints.

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