Four Attributes Of Malala Haters

Yet another day, yet another field day for Malala haters. It feels like all that the keyboard warriors did was pray for misjudgments on Malala’s part during Ramadan and lo and behold, we are back to seeing the circus of hypocritical self-righteousness from entitled males and virginal females of the Twittersphere.

While I don’t expect any nuanced intellectual discourses to occur on social media, every time this happens, the barrage of trolls seems to get more and more dimwitted. Each time, I also lament the forever stretching gap between these custodians of morality and “liberals” like me who dismiss them, yet embolden them by our inaction.

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The Enduring Legacy of Drama “Durr e Shahwar”

On a sunny afternoon in spring of 2012, the Senior A-Levels batch of an all-girls school found itself in a state of anxious festivity. The coma-inducing physics teacher had failed to show up and the bunch of 18 years old girls on the verge of womanhood, inevitably decided to play catch up on the latest happenings on tv for the next hour. The classroom turned into a living room as the girls jumped from, who got fake wedded in a morning show, to where Fawad Khan was hiding all along?

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The Eloquent Brashness of The Great Indian Kitchen And My Mother’s Hands

There was a time in my early teens when my family was unable to afford a maid. We had always had one but my father’s salary had failed to keep up with the growing inflation in Pakistan in 2006. A smaller house was rented and concurrently it was established that it could be maintained without hiring domestic help. Who was to maintain it, was never explicitly answered; it was understood; my mother would replace the maid.

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