Non-Serious Pakistanis

A country’s youth is considered as a hope for a better future because it can easily bring revolution and changes using its new and broad school of thought and perceptions.

But, Pakistan’s youth is lacking these qualities and tactics. The country’s 64% population is composed of this young age but the apprising and efficacy seem to be diminished among them. Youngsters over here are uninterested in major fields like science, technology, education, innovations and discoveries, and counseling.

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Learning is Lost in the Rat Race for Grades

Pakistan, a country with a 59% literacy rate is failed to impart practical skills as well as life skills to people with education and to produce some skilled men to step into the market.

The reason is people here tag education with grades and job only. “Get a high grade, get a good job” is what commonly believed here. This mindset has explicitly destroyed the actual essence of being truly educated and made education wholly unproductive.

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