Shopping in the UK

When I moved to the UK, identifying the currency was a confusing task, especially the coins, as it would be for anyone moving to a new country. There were a lot of things already on my plate that I couldn’t get time to learn about coins. Whenever I went out for shopping, and if the bill was under one pound, I used to put my hand in that small purse that I used to keep for coins and placed a pile of coins on the counter and the shopkeeper would pick up the correct number of coins and return me the rest.

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 Why Ladies, Kids and the Weak are Unsafe in Pakistan?

Recently there have been many rape incidents in Pakistan and the numbers are increasing day by day. The most recent incidence of gang-rape of a woman in front of her kids, last week, was most heart-breaking and shameful for me, I felt ashamed being a Pakistani. I remained disturbed for the whole week.
I always find myself, my kids, safe here in the UK. This recent incident in Pakistan made me realise even more that our decision to move to the UK was wise. We have been here since 2014 and during this period I never felt any dirty intentions of any person towards me or my children.

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The Friendly Neighbours

I can say about myself that I am pretty much a VAGABOND naturally. I was born in Southeast Asia then moved to Pakistan and after that, I became the wanderer, shifting from one city to another of Pakistan, once for my medical school and then after marriage. Then finally settled in the UK in 2014.

But as I said before I am a forced traveller by nature. I have changed three houses in the UK to date. It looks like I have restless feet. But my house shifting was much different from my past experiences.

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Potluck Supper

We moved to the UK from Pakistan in 2014. Initially we had no social circle and I only had a few relatives here. They lived in other Cities.

When we had been here for six months, we decided to visit them. It was a very relaxing trip, as I thoroughly enjoyed being a guest – sitting idly and doing very little. We enjoyed their hospitality!
As time went on, I started to get to know a few people in my new Town (through both my husband’s contacts and ladies at the mosque I had started to attend). Therefore, I thought it would be a lovely idea to arrange a little get together in my home.

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No Horns, Smiles Only

When we moved to United Kingdom from Pakistan in Dec 2014, the age of my two kids was 3 years and 7 years approximately. My husband had started a job here as a doctor. Initially we didn’t own a car so we used to commute on buses for day to day necessities & grocery. In the chilling cold winter of UK, waiting for the buses was very hard.

We used to live in a small flat in hospital accommodation which was walking distance from hospital. My husband used to walk to his job. When my kids got admission in school after two months, we had to walk to the bus stop & then take the bus to get to school and back daily. It was very tricky in extreme weather conditions. We Lived in a coastal town where strong winds blew round the year and especially in winter. In famously rainy UK weather many times kids reached school in soaking wet shoes and drenching uniforms. Buying groceries from super markets and lifting heavy shopping bags and walking back to home was also a nightmare.

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My Town, It Smiled Again..

Hello friends, my name is Siti Hasmah. I am a doctor by education and belong to Pakistan. I worked as General Practitioner back there but now I am a proud mum of three little angels and a home manager. My husband is a doctor by profession.

I moved to UK five years ago in December 2014 with my family, my husband and two kids. It was my first ever experience to move out of Pakistan. We moved to a small town in South East of England, called Hastings. I was very scared, apprehensive and conscious and had many unknown fears in my mind as anybody would have. I was unsure about the environment, behaviour of people towards me and financial stability.

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