A House of God: From the Mosque in Soho to the Temple in Islamabad

I first visited Piccadilly circus in January 2015 with a friend. Some say that no visit to London is complete without seeing a show at the West End. The name West End comes from the area’s historic location. Medieval London covered two adjacent cities; City of London to the east and city of Westminster to the West.

Industrial revolution in the 18th and 19th century led to an increasing urban population. London being the centre of a growing empire, expanded beyond the borders of the old city, towards the West End and Westminster. The city of London became a centre for banking, finance and legal sectors while West End became associated with arts, leisure and entertainment. Although the name West End stuck, it is now a district of central London.

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Scapegoats to the Slaughter

Five years back it was crooked Hilary and now it is Sleepy Joe, Trumps antics continue. Many may have taken him as a moronic blowhard but it is hard to ignore his tactics and their results. Through his unorthodox approach and highfalutin jargon, he may come across inappropriate but one thing he has managed to solidify in the minds of his supporters is that he is speaking from his heart. The very affect that Hilary could not have.

A major part in that was played by the crooked Hilary campaign, unleashed on social media. Despite his history, Trump was able to convince the American bourgeoisie that he is a direct and honest outsider. More importantly he was able to paint Hilary Clinton as a fraudulent, Janus-faced politician. Once Hilary’s illegitimacy was established, rest is history.

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The Day of the broken Glass

History does not repeat itself, but it certainly rhymes. There are startling parallels between Narendra Modi’s political tactics and government and Germany’s 1930s Nazi party.

Just like in the Nazi Germany, the persecution of minorities began systematically since Modi came to power. Unofficial pincer movement on Muslims started in the last 5 years of Modi’s rule, stoking fire with anti-Muslim rhetoric in speeches and callous attitude of authorities towards lynching of Muslims by mobs on issue of slaughter of cows for meat. Reminds one of ‘kosher’ ban by Hitler in 1933. In fact between 1933 to 1945 Nazi government passed in total around 2000 antisemitic decrees.

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