The Plight of Fisheries and Aquaculture Graduates in Pakistan

The incumbent Pakistani government is acting serious about several financially promising sectors that could revitalize the staggering economy. They presume that the preceding regimes willfully did not strive to preserve and strengthen institutional sanctity by nurturing non-professional and nepotism-based hirings of the workforce in the vital national institutions. Therefore, they have taken the chance to revitalize the neglected but potentially important sectors, and one of these sectors that have been emphatically highlighted is fisheries and aquaculture.

Pakistan has 1120 kilometers long coastal belt and 350 nautical miles of the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) that extends unique and highly promising growth potential in several ways. Furthermore, we are rich in prolific inland freshwater resources with more excellent prospects of a blue revolution in Pakistan. Presently, the fisheries and aquaculture sector and ancillary industries provide bread and butter to more than a million Pakistani families.

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