Disability to Possibility

It is a gloomy story of a man in rural, tribal Balochistan whose backbone was damaged after falling into a well. Abdul Kareem lives in Anari village, Union Council Baghbana-2, District Khuzdar. He was an active member of Community Organisation ‘Anjeer Na Phul’ meaning ‘fig flower’. Abdul Kareem’s life changed drastically after the ill-fated accident. Once an energetic man, now he could not move. His financial condition deteriorated rapidly, his self-esteem collapsed and he started thinking of himself as a burden upon his family.

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Bracing for a More Inclusive Approach to Rural Development in Balochistan

An analysis of the role played by the Balochistan Rural Development and Community Empowerment (BRACE) Programme

Inclusive development is a regularly re-discovered topic in most development debates. Following the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) it became clear that Inclusiveness is a key element in all the 17 SDGs, from poverty to hunger, education to health, reduced inequality to gender equality, climate change and so on. The shocking reality is that Pakistan Ranks at a low 134th position out of 166, in the 2020 SDG Index, way below all other South Asian countries in this region. Most recently, the COVID-19 Pandemic made painfully clear how important it is for a government to be able to ‘inclusively’ reach out to all its citizens. Socially mobilised and organised community institutions are key factors for effective and all-inclusive outreach. Although much work has been done on this in Pakistan, it still has a long way to go.

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