The idea of a unified national curriculum and polarized perspectives

Like several other vital issues, academia in the country seems divided upon the question of a unified national curriculum. A veil of mystery surrounds the details, and a few in the government circles may be aware of the complete pictures of the proposed amendments; that’s why half of the public discourse seems to be based upon assumptions and the other half on political correctness. Both the liberal and the conservative voices in the country are expressing their concerns about the unified curriculum.

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A Policy Perspective on Education in Times of Pandemic

Contemporary health crises caused by the corona pandemic is turning out to be a socioeconomic nightmare for countries across the globe. It has, on one side highlighted the wider issues of social justice, democracy, and good governance, and on the other side, it has exposed the vulnerabilities of our health, education, and economic systems. The education sector seems most vulnerable to the negative consequences of the pandemic.

On the one hand, no one in a reasonable state of mind would opt to open schools in the middle of a crisis and expose young children to the life-threatening virus. On the other hand, parents may need a tangible solution to educate their children. Parents are paying school fees for the last three months and some of them have started asking questions about what do they get in return for the cost of education that they pay.

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