In the Name of the Father (1993)

Wrapped around heated militant strife booming out from political miscarriages in the past – that is still mildly ensuing in Northern Ireland and the UK, In The Name of the Father seems to cut through our eyes to tell a pressing tale of injustice brought in by a nebulous legal working-out and the incidental flowering of an arid and estranged relationship into an intimate one. The movie seems to jack you up on quite so many levels. The performance laid in by Daniel Day-Lewis – playing Gerard Conlon – remains one of the best of all time and the gripping realities that he has to go through – with him being a hippie, donning ladies’ dangling fur gown, a jazzy shirt, dandy spectacles and jewelry tipped on his hands and chest, to being a brooding and more considerate inmate in the British prison – make this movie up as one of

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