Pak-China Diplomatic ties, golden 70 years

The 70th anniversary of Pak-China diplomatic ties is celebrating this year and it is a good thing that friendship with China is at the forefront of the issues on which there is no difference in Pakistani society. The positive feedback on the usefulness of establishing closer ties with China in Pakistan came with the advent of the Chinese Revolution and its profound effect on the collective psyche of both nations.

This is not just rhetoric, but when Chinese President Xi paid his first visit to Pakistan in 2015, he wrote an article in which he expressed his feelings in this way ” When I was young, I heard many touching stories about Pakistan and the friendship between our two countries.

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Israel’s advance

The UAE’s agreement with Israel should not a surprise to the world, but it is a series of events that have been taking place for some time. It was easy to conclude that some of the Arab states are going to happen something regarding Israel and it will start in the UAE. In November 2018, Israel’s national anthem was played at the Abu Dhabi Sports Tournament in the presence of the Israeli Minister of Sports. The Israeli Minister of Sports was the first to be in a Gulf country. The Israeli anthem was also played for the first time.

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China India Tension

Sino-Indian relations have been strained for long time, with tensions mounting at any time, and since India has asserted itself to be South Asia’s largest power, it has since then thought that it should have a monopoly in every matter. As far as South Asia is concerned, this claim of India is not true because Pakistan never accepts with reference to India that only India is a power in South Asia and Pakistan also makes India realize this as per the need and its one proof was that Abhi Nandan was forced to drink tea.

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